Volleyball drills for setting / overarm technique



Divide over 3m line. Throw ball in zig-zag pattern and follow. See picture.
Later, play underhand, only overarm. One side of the net underhand, other side overarm.


  • The players are lined up in two lines on both sides of the net
  • The front two players play the ball overarm over the net 
  • They move to the next line, play overarm again, and move along the net while playing. 
  • Then the next two, etc
  • Then they make two lines at the middle of the net, play overarm, and then make a block jump in the middle, and join at the back, etc.
  • Then overarm and a block jump to the outside
  • first explain technique (heart shape, 10 fingers playing the ball)
  • pairs, only play overarm, begin with catching throwing.
  • slowly expand to short contact
  • distance not too long and concentration.
  • pay close attention to fingers in heart shape and playing with 10 fingers 
  • it is about the success experience,


-1 defender starts behind the end line
-  C plays high ball in the field
-  1 comes in and plays overarm to S
-  S sets up backwards to 4
-  Attack through the middle, attacker gets the ball
-  1 will be attacker, and 2 will be defender
VARIATION: with block, 

Then with middle attackers and then with outside attackers

Explanation of the exercise:

  • The players make pairs. 
  • Each pair has 1 ball. 
  • 1 player of the pair plays the ball overarm over the net. 
  • The other one catches. Alternatingly.

XL Challenge:

  • Add a second ball. 
  • As soon as a player has played the ball overarm over the net, the other play throws the ball underhand over the net.
  • You can make it even more difficult by playing both the balls overarm.

Pass and overarm exercise

  • Player A and A1 have the ball. 
  • This player throws the ball to player B/B1 
  • Player B/B1 passes the ball back 'perfectly' 
  • Player A/A1 then plays the ball in the basket. 
  • Player A/A1 picks up the ball and joins the back of the line. You follow your ball  

The tempo is automatic and can be increased. Make it harder by letting player B pass elsewhere, so player A has aim for the basket. Other option: Player A throws to a more difficult spot in the field. 


  • select by putting the better players on field 1, increasing to field 6
  • first cooperate: who reaches the first 7x in a row (do 2x)
  • then against each other
  1. begin of catch-throw movement and then 2x overarm, over the 
  2. then catch-throw movement, 3x overarm, over the, touch end line
  3. 1-1-move-up-move-down-1

  • now move up-move down 
  • field 1 = winner, field 6 = loser
  • so winner changes with loser on lower field, loser changes with winner on higher field 
  • who is the first to have 3 points
  • without serving (being with catch-throw movements)
  • on field 5 and 6: catch-throw movement, 3x overarm
  • on field 3 and 4: catch-throw movement, 3x overarm, touch end line
  • on field 1 and 2: serve (or catch-throw movement, if it is not working), play overarm 1x, play 1x or 2x overarm

this exercise teaches the players to play 'smart'. Just over the net, or in the back in the corners 

explanation is for 6 players

  • line 1 of 3 players with ball behind trainer
  • rij 2 of 2 players to attack at left forward
  • player from line 1 pushes ball in hands trainer, and player immediately walks to reserve position sv
  • Trainer throws ball up to centre forward
  • Play SV from centre forward the ball overarm on right or left forward (as setup)
  • sv walks immediatelyafter playing the ball to the line of attackers
  • there are 5 hoops on the other field
    • 1 in all corners of the field and 1 in the middle of the field
  • player comes in play ball in hoop
  • if this works SV AND PLAYER a point
  • get own ball, join line servers
  • in this exercise it is important to immediately walk on after  the action
  • play-overarm-in-hoops
  • Line of players A  (+- 4 players) in the middle of a field with a ball
  • Player 1 is centre forward and is properly thrown ball by first player from line A
  • Player 1 plays ball overarm in the basket
    • bend elbows
    • stretch elbows and point after ball 
  • Player at the basket catches and joins line A.