Volleyball drills for setting / overarm technique

  • virtual circle with 2m diameter around every player
  • player throws ball overarm up high for himself
  • let the ball bounce 1x in the circle
  • and overarm high again

Ball has to go high otherwise it will not bounce enough.

  • Player throws ball high to central forward and then gets in line to attack
    • if attack is not yet possible, the 3rd ball is played overarm over the net.
  • On the forward left, player comes in that gives set up to the flank and there will be the attack.
  • Pay attention to the set up:
    • ball up
    • leggs stretch 
    • point after the ball
  • Set upper keeps hitting (10) balls
  • Players are in a square
  • A to B, B to  C, C to D, D to A
  • Pay attention to distance feet



  • A and B are opposite each other and both have a ball
  • They use one of these balls to play overarm.
  • At the same time, they use the other ball to throw in a straight line.
  • At the moment A plays the one ball overarm, B throws the other ball towards A, and reverse.
    • is also possible in a triangle


  • everybody individually plays ball overarm against wall
  • pay attention to technique of the hands
  • they learn to control the ball
  • if possible, indicate a height (height of net + bit extra where the ball should hit the wall

extra challenge:

  • 'write' a word on the wall with the ball (around 5-7 letters)
  • Trainer is in the back of the field with line of players beside him
  • Trainer throws the ball in the air and  player a comes in, diagonally, and plays the ball to player b at the net, left front.
  • Player b catches ball and joined line besides trainer.
  • For a large group, make 2 lines beside the trainer and a catcher right forward to keep the tempo up.
  • Trainer is in the back of the field.
  • Player is positioned right forward and gets ball in the middle from trainer.
  • Player comes in and plays the ball in the basket.
  • At the moment of letting go, you dive towards the side line.
    • Possibly, the player gets a diving ball from a second trainer        
    • pay attention to sliding on the belly 
  • Player at the basket catches and joins the line
  • Diver will stand at the basket.


  • explain technique first (heart shape, play the ball with 10 fingers
  • fasten the net a bit lower on one side
  • make pairs of about equal length
  • pairs with net in between, and only pass overarm.
  • distance not too big and concentration.
  • Pay a lot of attention to fingers in heart shape and playing with 10 fingers 
  • is about success experience,