Volleyball drills for setting / overarm technique


One ball per player

  1. One ball touch. other ball roll
  2. One ball pass, other ball collide
  3. One ball push. throw other ball
  4. Idem 1) and 2) but with jumped set-up


Goal: improve condition in combination with attack/block/defense

T throws a total of three balls to SV.

  • T throws ball to SV.
  • SV gives a set-up pos 4 , where A attacks. Immediately after the attack T throws a ball, A defends ball back to C.
  • After defense T, throws ball 2 to SV. SV 2é pace to A --> attack, C throws ball --> A defended back.
  • T throws 3e ball to SV. Sv set-up to pos. 2, A attack on pos. 2, after attack Ball defend.

On the other side of the net.

  • B same as A.
  • B tries to block A's attack.
  • After each block, defend ball from T2.
  • A and A1 play their ball to SV1 and SV2 at the same time.
  • SV high ball.
  • SV1 & 2 exchange places + pas s to the corner, where A & A1 attack.
  • SV, Block on attack from A & A1.

Intention is to load the playmakers. Pass to position 4.

  • Players start on the three-metre line in pairs facing each other.
  • One player has the ball.
  • At 6 meters from the net there is a cone behind each player.
  • Players do a control key and then pass the ball over the net.
  • Then they run around the cone behind them.
  • The same, but after passing the ball they dive to the cone and get ready again.
  • Player does a control key, turns around and keys the ball backwards over the net.
  • Then he does a block and returns to his home position.
  • Per trio.
  • Player A does the control key and plays the ball over the net.
  • Player B does reception, C stands at the net and taps the ball high over, then he dives through B's legs and they switch places.
  • Four players stand in a square, play around and turn their bodies well in the direction you are playing to.
  • Play anti-clockwise, making sure the right foot is in front
  • Individual exercise to improve ball feeling with one hand.
  • Each player has 1 volleyball, mini volleyball, tennis ball, juggling ball (or for advanced players a non round object; a light plastic container or light bottle for example, but can be used with anything).
  • The goal of the players is to keep the ball in the air by hitting it as many times as possible with only one hand.
  • Have the players count how many times they can do this per the 2 minutes per task.
  • Possible assignments:
  • - Underhand lobsmash
  • - Over your head
  • - Hit your leg afterwards with the hand you played with
  • - Clap your hands after touching them
  • - Lying down -> sitting -> standing (and back)
  • - Raising your knee/heel
  • - Against the wall
  • - In pairs one player under, the other over the net=
    Be creative! =
  • Possible exercise for several people. (see image)
  • One or more in the middle, the rest around it.
  • Setters play the ball somewhere around them, the rest have to make sure that the ball is returned to setters in X number of times.
  • Agree on how many times the ball can be played.
  • Exercise stimulates:
  • - Communication
  • - Reflexes
  • - Ball sense

  • Two teams on both sides.
  • After every well played ball, turn in three.
  • Pass obliquely if you don't have a complete team.

Side a: formationSide
b: someone position 6 - position 5 and position 1

: Side a gets every ball against and tries to score from this situation

  • First ball: serve side b
  • Second ball: freeball coming from side b (side b builds up and tries to pass "difficult" freeball)
  • Third ball: attack position 6
  • Third ball: attack position 1

  • Side a is not allowed to place the ball in the 3m line at side b, everything behind the 3.
  • But side b is allowed to attack in the 3m line.
  • Let's see how easy it goes.

  • Pairs.
  • Opposite each other
  • Nr1 with the ball, nr 2 with the hoop.
  • Nr1 has the ball, and throws the bowl through the hoop of nr2.
  • Nr 2 holds the hoop above his head.
  • After 10 balls change.
  • Expand.
    • Throw up the ball for yourself and play above your head.
    • Throw 1 ball for yourself and then overhead through the hoop.
    • Play backwards
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