Volleyball drills for setting / overarm technique

  • Four players make a large square.
  • In the middle is E.
  • These players are the link between two triangles.
  • In both triangles the ball goes around.
  • And E plays the ball overhead in those two triangles.
  • With more than one player, change corner players.
  • Variant 1: E can choose to whom he passes the ball back.
  • Variant 2: The corner players play overhand to each other, but underarm to E.
  • Three players stand in a triangle.
  • The one who does NOT get the ball moves to the opposite side next to the other player.
  • Again, the one who does not get the ball moves.
  • Start simple by first playing the ball up in front of yourself and then serving one of the other two players.
  • The one who does not get the ball moves to the other side
  • Later on, make it more difficult by taking away the play-up part
  • Finally, you pass in front of yourself and hit the ball in a controlled way.
  • Super exercise for getting very tired very quickly.
  • Four players, three of whom make a large triangle.
  • One player stands in the middle.
  • The ball is played by someone from the triangle to the middle.
  • This middle player plays one of the other two players in the triangle.
  • One player from the triangle who does NOTHING must now switch with the middle player.
  • In short, the one who does nothing, switches with the centre.
  • Group split into two groups of 5, field divided into two halves'.
  • on each side a bench on the back line with cones on it. (opposite sides)
  • 3 players leave on the back line, 1 reserve, 1 service on other side of the field.
  • A serve is given to the three players: reception - pass - touch over net.
  • when the player has played the ball the players walk to the side where the bench is: reception - pass - hit to the cones
  • Which team hits the most cones off the bench?
  • 1 player with ball at the net, 2 without ball on the 3 meter line.
  • Nets player plays ball BH halfway the field and no.1 shuffles backwards and plays back BH.
  • Then no.2. etc.
  • Change 3 times after that
  • 1 player at the net and 2 on the backline.
  • The net player passes to the net player on the 3 metre line. no.1 comes running and passes to the net player and then no.2.
  • The ball is played overhand along the net, after playing go around the pylon and join at the other side
  • The ball is passed in the middle, after playing it, the player blocks it 2x, after that around the pylon play again

5 hoops distributed over the field:

  1. 1 in the corner at position 1
  2. 1 in the corner on position 5
  3. 1 in the corner on position 2
  4. 1 in the corner at position 4
  5. 1 on the 3 meter line - in the middle of the field

A on pass:

  • Self-touching - A plays back - attacks/allies on returned ball


A on pass:

  • Passing to right post - someone on position 5: himself passes to A - A passes and attacks

At the centre: someone stays on to pass the ball to the centre

  • Each player has a ball.
  • The pair plays one ball overhead and simultaneously throws the other ball tightly back and forth.
  • The trio plays one ball overhead clockwise from player to player and throws the other two balls tightly counterclockwise from player to player.


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