Volleyball drills for setting / overarm technique

  • Groups of three players.
  • Two behind each other, at four metres another one.
  • The first one of the pair throws the ball to the player in front of him, this one does a check and then passes to the third player and so on.
  • Pass the ball every time.
  • Two teams.
  • Throw the ball in front of yourself with a bounce and then come under the ball and pass overhead to the other.
  • pairs all one ball
  • 1 plays overhead
  • other catches the ball
  • We do this with two balls.
  • We play 3 against 3 on a half field,
    • pass,
    • set-up
    • and attack (aimed and not hard),
  • After playing the ball, everyone rotates a position.
  • When the ball lands on the ground,
  • just bring it in by playing overhand, NOT serving.
  • If there are too many players, then 1 in the waiting room to come in for the pass.
  • The players line up at position 5 with ball,
  • a set-upper at position 2/3,
  • one attacker at position 4.
  • 1 player stays out of the rotation for a while and sits on a chair in the middle at the other side of the court with 6 sheets (on them number 1 to 6).
  • The players are going to build up an attack,
    • position 5 throws the ball,
    • position 2/3 gives a set-up
    • and position 4 passes the ball over.
  • The player at the other side of the net, when the set-upper plays the ball, holds up one of the six leaves with number.
  • The attack must pay attention to this and play the ball on the spot indicated by the player on the chair.
  • 5 - 1 line-up,
    • 3 players on the serving side
    • and 5 players on the defensive side.
  • Trainer (Libero) defends on POS VI,
  • Passeur stands at POS I and then 3 attackers at POS II, III (mid) and IV.
  • 3 defenders on the other side and try to defend the ball, we play the rally on!
  • It is allowed to block.

Side a:

  1. Lene
  2. Axelle
  3. Nobody
  4. Inne
  5. Lise
  6. Sun

Side b: Marie on position 6 - Diede on position 5

Side a
:The first set ball, Marie's serve, is played quietly to Marie and Diede. Diede and Marie play over and then it's about the point.
Side a is obliged to play diagonally (position 4) or in the street (position 2).

  • Ball 1: serve Marie
  • Ball 2: Free ball to Marie, Marie plays free over
  • Ball 3: attack Marie

gets 3 balls, at least 2 of them MUST be scored. If no 2 balls scored, 5 sit-ups

Side a: 3 persons - position 1 - 6 - 5
Side b: 3 persons - position 1 - 6 - 5

  • Person on position 1 succeeds on
  • Reception, pass, attack: REQUIRED DIAGONAL
  • Play out until someone makes point

Then, Diede plays a freeball from each side.

Turn over position after 3 hits on each side


  • Rallies
  • Go for every ball
  • At 'easy' ball that falls, everyone pumps 10x
  • players stand in a row with ball
  • 1 without ball (distributor) at the net (right front)
  • Trainer throws in the ball
  • distributor plays the ball to the left-outside of the basket (set up outside)
  • distributor runs after his own ball and then joins the back of the row

PURPOSE: get the ball as far as possible to the outside-left (you can always add a mid-position if it goes well)

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