Volleyball drills for setting / overarm technique

  • Two teams.
  • Bounce the ball after bouncing it overhand.
  • Exercise to learn the overhand techniques.

Make pairs.

  • Pass 10 times underhand at 3 meter distance.
  • Pass 10 times overhead at a distance of 3 meters
  • Both successful? Then both take a step back.

Both playmakers and libero:

  • 1 sv stands at position 5. 1
  • Defender goes to position 2/3.
  • 1 player stands on position 4 (next to the basket) plays the ball to the libero
    • to position 2/3
    • set-up in the basket. after 10 balls distributors change.

  1. set-up forward both 2x
  2. set-up backwards both 2x
  3. libero set up forearms 20balls own choice forwards
  4. libero set-up forearms20 ballsbackwards. (other player will throw the ball).


  • will work with coach to dodge tap balls and defend hard attacks.

other half

  • Other players:
    • Make threes.
    • each trio 1ball.
    • lineup on the back line.
    • Number 1 has the ball.
    • Play the ball overhand backwards to number 2 and so on.
    • Number 1 follows in the back until you reach the net.
    • Then you start again.
    • 3x reach the net without dropping the ball.
    • 2. pass the ball underarm to each other in a triangle.


  • Two mats across net, players stand at back line with ball in hands.
  • Player bumps the ball, underhand control, control key and keys to the mat: hitting mat is 1 point.
    • underhand, overhand control, underhand passing
    • underhand, overhand control, passing
  • 1 player at position 5, 1 player at the net, 1 player at the other side of the net with the ball
  • Player A throws ball to position 5, player defends ball to setter.
  • Setter calls red or green and then joins to throw.
  • Afterwards possibly calmly pass
  • Skip two teams overhead
  • start at the net
  • then circle the field.
  • One player stands in front on the right.
  • Other players line up in a row.
  • Trainer throws the ball diagonally hard into the corner.
    • Player positions himself well under the ball towards the front-right player
    • Player holds his ground like a plank
    • Player plays underhand to the player on the right front side
    • Player turns to the right front
  • Basket is on the right front side.
  • Players stand in line.
  • Trainer throws the ball diagonally hard into the corner.
    • Player positions himself well under the ball towards the basket.
    • Player bounces the ball nicely.
    • Player plays overhand into the basket.
    • Player retrieves own ball and puts it in the basket
  • Who scores the most points.