Volleyball drills for setting / overarm technique


3 teams A B C

  • A plays BH to B
  • B plays BH back to A
  • A plays BH to C
  • C plays BH to B
  • B plays BH back to C
  • C plays BH to A
  • Repeat the above 10 times and then turn around one place

The same exercise but OH


  • play overhead to each other and
  • when you have played each time then touch the pawn.
  • Two numbers facing each other
  • with two balls
  • one ball overhead
  • the other ball rolling on the ground

Goal of the exercise:

  • Defending,
  • set up,
  • attacks

Exercise Explanation:

  • You defend,
  • give a set-up
  • and attack.
  • Chase your own action around the pawns.
  • Start the exercise by
    • Play overhand over the net
    • and extend to hitting
    • and then to jump and hit.
  • 4 teams of which 2 at the net and the other 2 at the back of the field
  • B throws the ball to A
  • A plays the ball back to B
  • B plays ball UPHANDS to C
  • C plays the ball UNDER HANDS to D
  • D catches the ball
  • D throws the ball to C
  • C plays the ball UP to B
  • B plays the ball UNDER HANDS to A
  • A catches the ball
  • etc


  • Trainer throws the ball high on the (right) front.
  • On the left front side a player comes in and sets up on the outside (in a basket).
  • Watch the set-up:
    • ball up
    • stretch your legs
    • Point the ball well after the set up
  • Set upper stays a few (10) balls. other kids pick up the balls.
  • Then everyone with attack.
  • Couple 1 ball facing each other, sit on the ground and pass to each other overhead.
  • Later also try it lying on your belly


  • Player A throws/strikes the ball towards player C.
  • Player C serves the ball to player B.
  • Player B gives a pass to c.
  • Player C passes to the mats.

Goal: try to attack/play 3rd ball on the mats (straight or diagonal).

After each ball move one place in your own group.

Extension: When there are enough players one could also choose to place a block.

  • each a ball
  • look for a piece of the wall
  • and then overhead against the wall
    • only play short against the wall.
    • Watch carefully how everyone has his overhead position,