Volleyball drills for system



  • trainer (1) throws ball to SV (2)
  • SV:
    • gives bra setup OR
    • throws BH catching move
  • Player (3) smashes or plays ball to (4) or (5) to win!
  • (4) or (5) pass Mids (possibly hang ribbon in net)
    • 6 or 7 comes running in
    • 4 or 5 turns with the ball
  • when ball is over the net, quickly return to position
  • The one who has attacked the ball well 5 times, exchanges with someone in the defense
  • 4 players in 'bowl' formation
  • Coach throws ball to back player
  • LA passes => RV comes into play => RA moves to RV to attack backward setup
  • RA passes => LV comes into play => LA moves to LV to attack backward setup
  • when ball is over the net one turns back to the bowl

Team is lined up. Coach throws random balls into the field. Players have to determine who the ball is for. Attention on calling loose/me.

If 10 players: 5 against 5. Trainer throws in ball when ball is not played well. If less than 10 players: 6 against ...

After a few points turn around. After 5 minutes, change 2 players.

  • put players in a bowl
  • 2 teams against each other
  • 1 team serves 3x well (OH)
  • other team receives pass and follows system as RA or RV passes:
    • pass to MV (possibly hang ribbon in net)
    • LV outfield player runs to MV
    • LA runs to LV
    • SV:
      • gives setup forward on RV OR backward on LV
      • OR BH catching move
    • as soon as the ball is over the net, LV and LA turn back to their original position

This is an exercise to see what happens when I create an exercise.

  • Boll 1
  • Boll 2
  • Dots 3


  • player 1 at the net midfield
  • number; players at mid-back with the ball
  • row of players on the left (or right) side in front
  • 2 corpses as disturbance/block on other side of the net
  • 2 players as defence at the other side of the net
  • player with ball throws to midfield
  • midfield puts up HIGH
  • left front attacks
  • if hitting fails: play smart over the net
  • if ball lands on the ground in the field you have a point
  • Defenders try to prevent this.
  • Everyone keeps on turning.
    • Tackle becomes playmaker
    • Defender joins the row of attackers
    • Attacker passes under the net and becomes 1st defender.
    • 2nd defender takes ball, passes under net and joins row of attackers



play 3 against 3

  • 1 player at midfield
  • 2 defenders
  • Trainer throws the ball to the midfielder
  • He passes to SV
  • SV gives setup
  • Striker plays ball SLIMLY over the net
    • so just over the net
    • OR in the back of the field in the corners
  • OPTIONAL: the new player calls HELL (=fault) or GOOD (=good) after the smart ball of the attacker
  • Attacker gets the ball and puts it with trainer (in the box)
  • Everybody turns 1 place (runs after their own ball)
  • If necessary put hoops (= opponents) where they should not play.
  • Give instructions all the time
    • playing-tactically


  • the system is:
    • if 2 or 3 plays the first ball, 4 runs to the front to setup
    • when 1 or 4 plays the first ball, 3 runs to the midfield to give a setup
  • put the players on the right positions
  • trainer hits the ball and throws/serves the ball over the net to the team
    • the first ball is claimed by a player(call LOS / I as early as possible: make an agreement about this)
    • At the moment that the ball is played by the trainer, it is already clear to 3 and 4 whether it has to go to the front.
    • So the player has to be on the position of the centre as soon as possible.
  • if all goes well continue to play and set the ball along the net and 3rd ball over the play.
    • if necessary put 4 hoops where the ball should NOT go (virtual opponents).
  • if it does not go well stop and
    • Explain who should have called it loose etc.
    • Did the playmaker walk on time. etc
  • after 4 service turns turn good ball
  • if there are enough players available (> 4), use someone to get the ball at the trainer's side and put it in the box
    • call loose in time
    • run in offside players in time
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