Volleyball drills for system

  • On one side of the net a team in game formation.
  • Get rid of 1 save in 3 times!
  • After that handle 2 rally balls (one arc and one 'beaten')
  • Control the ball 6 points in a row.
  • Formation with 6 players.
  • Trainer throws in the ball and the players have to finish 6 balls in a row.
  • Rotation - after each good ball you turn, otherwise you stay standing and the score is 0 again.
  • Extension: instead of throwing - save the rest of the team hard.

  • Trainer throws ball to SV at 3, who plays ball to teammate in backfield, who plays easy ball.
  • Important is the reaction of the opponent.
  • From defensive position at the net, a few steps backwards to defend, and to be ready for a smash.
  • Trainer throws ball to the backfield 5/6/1 .
  • They play to SV (3) and finish the rally.
  • Reaction of opponent is important.
  • 3 connects with 2 and 4, for a block.
  • Libero 6 covers all balls behind the block.
  • 1 and 5 defend the whole backfield.
  • Variation between easyball and attack
  • Two players.
  • One in front line, one in back line.
  • If position 2 and 4 swap with 3.
  • Every 2nd ball is for the 2 players
  • 4-6
  • 3 players are ready to catch the serve, 1 player stands in the front middle where the passer is standing.
  • The rest of the players at the back line with a ball.
  • They are going to serve and the 3 players have to play the ball to the one in the front center.
  • Save outside or ladder and pump 10 times, the passer may not leave the hoop.
  • If the player does the reception and can catch the passer without leaving the hoop, they have a point.
  • Reception player --> pass --> save. The first one to get 10 points wins.
  • player 1 at the net midfield
  • number; players at mid-back with the ball
  • row of players on the left (or right) side in front
  • 2 corpses as disturbance/block on other side of the net
  • 2 players as defence at the other side of the net

  • player with ball throws to midfield
  • midfield puts up HIGH
  • left front attacks
  • if hitting fails: play smart over the net
  • if ball lands on the ground in the field you have a point
  • Defenders try to prevent this.
  • Everyone keeps on turning.
    • Tackle becomes playmaker
    • Defender joins the row of attackers
    • Attacker passes under the net and becomes 1st defender.
    • 2nd defender takes ball, passes under net and joins row of attackers

  • On one side you attack with three attackers, on the other side you defend.
  • Trainer throws balls for the playmaker
  • concentrated serving, also 2nd, 3rd etc. service.
  • Good line-up, steer each other, when the service is difficult look for a solution together, when the service is difficult play the ball high so that others can do something with it more easily.
  • Clearly call out "loosen up" or "I do".
  • Play aggressively, also in the rally, in case of a difficult ball, play the ball high so that others can do something with it more easily.
  • 2nd or 3rd ball aggressively over the net, far into the backfield.
  • Move to the back of the court, in case of easy ball, 2 and 4, to help process easy ball, and/or are ready for a pass.
  • When the other team is attacking well, the midfielders join in to block (if the player is small, move to the back), position 6 defends the block.
  • Concentration, courage, work on/return every ball (let the opponent make the mistake). Aggressive means playing full, do not hold back,


The team plays against the small team (in the diagram a pair) and must successfully complete a number of tasks in succession.

  • The large team must score from a service of the pair.
  • The coach serves a simple ball to the pair. The pair then builds up an attack. The large team must win this rally.
  • The coach serves a simple ball to the pair. The pair plays this ball over the net in one go. The larger team must win this rally.

If the large team loses a rally, it starts again from the first assignment. When all tasks have been successfully completed, the team rotates one place.

You can also do this exercise with two equal teams.

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