Volleyball drills for system

  • Practicing defense of opponent's offense, block coverage and positioning in the backfield
  • From position 6, player throws ball to SV at 3.
  • This player SV takes turns playing left right. Catch ball and go to position 6. The thrower without ball, goes to respectively 2 and 4 to catch the ball.
  • Change SV regularly.
  • This can be done on both sides of the field
  • Variation:
    • Pos. 2 throws to pos.6 this passes seam SV this plays alternately to the left and right.
  • We make groups of 4.
  • We practice the line-up first with a serve ball from the trainer and then a normal/attack ball from the trainer.
  • It is important that there is a change of position, the volleyball technique itself (pass, reception, ... are important but in this exercise it is not important).
  • When the group has had both it is the next group's turn.
  • The group that just had the ball goes back into the box and stands at the window,
  • 5 times with nose against the window and then walk to the other side, by then the next group is about ready.

  • 2 against 2 with fixed passeur on smaller field (not half)
  • Winner of the rally goes under the net and stays there until lost.
  • Passeur goes under the net every time it is passed.

  • 5 - 1 line-up,
    • 3 players on the serving side
    • and 5 players on the defensive side.
  • Trainer (Libero) defends on POS VI,
  • Passeur stands at POS I and then 3 attackers at POS II, III (mid) and IV.
  • 3 defenders on the other side and try to defend the ball, we play the rally on!
  • It is allowed to block.
  • Side A
  • Coach hits ball to 3 defenders standing at the net.
  • The 3 defenders play the ball over to team line-up.
  • Continue to play the point
  • Then serve side A to B
  • Then B to A
  • 3x freeball to side A

Side a:

  1. Lene
  2. Axelle
  3. Nobody
  4. Inne
  5. Lise
  6. Sun

Side b: Marie on position 6 - Diede on position 5

Side a
:The first set ball, Marie's serve, is played quietly to Marie and Diede. Diede and Marie play over and then it's about the point.
Side a is obliged to play diagonally (position 4) or in the street (position 2).

  • Ball 1: serve Marie
  • Ball 2: Free ball to Marie, Marie plays free over
  • Ball 3: attack Marie

gets 3 balls, at least 2 of them MUST be scored. If no 2 balls scored, 5 sit-ups

Side a: 3 persons - position 1 - 6 - 5
Side b: 3 persons - position 1 - 6 - 5

  • Person on position 1 succeeds on
  • Reception, pass, attack: REQUIRED DIAGONAL
  • Play out until someone makes point

Then, Diede plays a freeball from each side.

Turn over position after 3 hits on each side


  • Rallies
  • Go for every ball
  • At 'easy' ball that falls, everyone pumps 10x
  • Team positioning
  • PLAYER serves ball. (STORAGE)
  • Team defends, gives a set up and attack.
  • Then trainer throws ball into field again. (FREE BALL = other passer)
  • Players must be able to change quickly in the field and know where they must stand.