Volleyball drills for system

  • In the field there is a team formation.
  • After each service rally finish and turn around a spot, so everyone knows his place.
  • After that a game of 6 against 4.

Explaining how to play with 2 fixed divisors.

  • Explain clearly what the starting position is, where you are allowed to stand and where you are not.
  • Then start with one distributor at position 1-6-5 and one distributor at 2-3-4.
  • Play the game 3 against 6.
  • The 6 players play the whole circulation with 2 fixed distributors.
  • Attention: Changing distributors every time.

  • On one side of the net there are 6 players. (If they are having trouble with the set up, the trainer can take over this spot).
  • The remaining players stand on the other side of the net.
  • They start the game, by serving.
  • The 6 players build an attack. Pass/Set up/Smash.
  • Just play the point.
  • Full turn at the smash.
  • Communication by calling LOS, good pass.
  • The goal of this exercise is to tactically put away or hit the ball.
  • This by means of a tap ball on midmid, or a ball deep on position 1.
  • By using baskets you can create a 'constant' block, which eventually can be replaced by a real block.
  • The pawns at position 1 can best be replaced by a cupboard, over which the ball must fall, over the 'defender'.
    • The trainer hits a ball, or plays a ball in, which is first passed to the distributor,
    • the playmaker gives a set-up to the outside.
    • The attacker decides whether to try a short passed ball at midmid (where there is a hoop),
    • or looks for position 1 with a hit or a fast overhand ball.


Starting situation:

  • 2 players on 5
  • 3 players on 3
  • 3 players out of 4
    • Trainer throws the ball to 5, they pass to 3 in turn, they play BH Set Up to 4 attack.
    • Players on 4 retrieve the ball. After 6 attacks turn around and chase the ball.
    • Variation. SV starts from position 4 or 2, runs to 3 for the Set Up.


Depending on the number of players :

  • 6 against 2 (or 3 with trainer)
  • 4 against 4
  • 5 against 3 (or 4 with trainer)
  • assignment may be:
    • obligatory to play 3 times,
    • end with a smash
    • 2nd ball (distributor) must be overhand.
  • C throws a ball to A or B
  • Set up a block on that side 
  • Pass the ball over the block to the defence 
  • Attacking from the middle 
  • Change after 10 balls Variation: attack on outside or behind

  • Ball is served.
  • Pass by 1/5/6.
  • Set-up by 1, but on a first pass by 1 set-up by 2.
  • After set-up an attack by 2/3/4, but on a set-up by 2 only an attack by 3/4.
  • After service 2 (or more) players walk into the court to play.
  • Ball/ralley is played all the way out.


  • A serves ball to B.
  • B passes ball to server.
  • Play distributor plays ball between the 7- and 9-meter line. (B runs there in the mean time)
  • B passes ball to server again.
  • Distributor sets up the ball.
  • B attacks ball straight ahead.
  • A passes this ball up in front of himself and catches the ball.
  • Server becomes passer, passer becomes playmaker, playmaker becomes server.


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