Volleyball drills for system

  • Per 3 players, 1 ball.
  • Player A bounces the ball and then calls out a color (blue-red).
  • Player A throws the ball over.
  • Player B goes to the potty at the net, player C goes to the potty at the back of the field.
  • Player C catches the ball. Player B catches the ball - passes key to C. C passes key.
  • Player A catches the ball.formation
  • Player A stands in referee's chair.
  • Player B and C are in line-up.
  • T throws balls to B and C.
  • Player C or B tries to do reception to player A.

Per 2, 1 ball

Player A stands at the net with the ball.
Player B stands at the back of the court.
Player A bumps the ball on the ground and then throws short or far.
- 1x bounce short throw - 2x
bounce long throw

Along both sides of the field 3 players line up.
The other players stand outside the field.

Side A passes. (if serve is not over, trainer throws a ball
)Side B does 3 pass game. (Anti-slip mat attached to the net -> passer runs to it) -
Pass goes to player left -> player right passes - Pass goes
to player right -> player left passes - Pass goes to
player in the middle -> player right passes


  • Coach (1) throws ball to SV (2)
  • SV gives setup
  • Player (3) smashes or plays ball to (4) or (5) to win!
  • (4) or (5) passes Midfield (possibly hang a ribbon in the net)
    • 6 or 7 comes in
    • 4 or 5 turns with the ball
  • when ball is over the net, quickly return to position
  • The one who has attacked the ball well 5 times, exchanges with someone in the defensive zone.

Team formation, 6 persons. Both sides of the net (1 side less persons, if <12)

  • Service on team, pass - set - attack
  • After attack rally ball on same team (immediately set up for freeball)
  • after 3 balls turn
  • after full rotation, other team on the other side

Attention: set up for service pass, set up for attack, set up for freeball



  • A throws to B
  • B plays into C
  • C sets up and B plays over the net
  • Run after own ball

  • Team builds up attack after serving.
  • After the attack opposite player (S1, S2 or S3) throws the ball right back into the field
  • (ball jumps back from the block),
  • team builds up new attack
  • etcetera




  • A serves at B
  • B plays into C
  • C sets up and B plays over the net
  • Run after own ball