Volleyball drills for warming-up

  • From standing position move backwards and roll to center of field.
  • Starting position defense - outside foot in front, on the line.
  • Move to 7M and then roll to center of field.
  • A few times without the ball, then with the ball.
  • Organization
    2 teams. 1 on each field.
    Line up at 7 m intervals.
    Front player has the ball.

  • Execution
    1st ball is thrown over the net and the 1st player on that field plays the ball overhand over the net again.
    The direction does not matter.
    Then the 2nd player is going to play this ball overhand over the net as well.
    All players rejoin behind their own line.
    If the ball falls to the ground or into the net, a point is earned.
    Immediately throw the ball over the net again.
    At 15 points there is a winner.
    When there are more players add extra tasks (like a block jump or a dive).

  • Purpose of the exercise:
    • To focus, communicate, master the task and persevere.
    • At "A" and above, with fewer people on the field for more intensity.
  • Explanation of the exercise:
    • 'Chaos Easy' starts as a warm-up, but ends in a true battle.
    • The players are placed in the field (it doesn't matter where).
    • The ball is caught and immediately thrown over the net (one play).
    • As the player catches, he throws the ball.
    • When a player has thrown the ball, he/she goes to a wall (back of the field or on the side) and taps it, then comes back into the field.
    • The other players on the team have moved forward one spot.
    • You notice how difficult it is to score.
    • When someone throws the wrong ball (into the net or out), they have to sprint around the opponent's field.
  • Duration of the exercise:
    • 5-10 minutes.
You are only allowed to run on the lines of, for example, a volleyball field. The person who's 'it' must try to tag 1 of the runners.


  • Only turn right/left.
  • Knees high.
  • Hopping.
  • Backwards (don't fall!) etc.

Outside you can set up a closed course with hats or cones.

See drawing

4 players on 1 side for intensive 2 times to do , on the other side 4 players for strength for 2 minutes then swap
  • 2 min intensive (ladders + attack - block - block + hoop + attack + sideways movement cones + bench )
  • 2 min power with heavier balls ( 4 exercises x 30 sec. )

  • Pairs
  • Against the wall:
    • Play at the top and close at the back
    • Bottom hand ( First ball always top hand )
    • Bounce ball
    • Bounce and underhand
  • Groups of 2
  • Keeping the ball in play
  • After the ball is over the net
  • Connect behind the line on the other side
  • Sprint back
  • Lateral shuffle back
  • Cross pass back
  • Knee lift back
  • Heel back
  • Arm swing left right
  • Frogjump
  • Lunges
  • Side walk
  • Short/long.
  • Trainer throws ball to position A1
  • Player 1 passes the short ball and runs to the middle
  • Trainer passes ball to position B1
  • Player 2 tries to pass ball back from A2, and stands ready for the ball on A1.
  • Then trainer switches to the other side
  • Trainer throws ball on to A2
  • Player 2 passes the short ball and walks to the middle.
  • Trainer throws the ball on to B2
  • Player 1 tries to pass ball on B2, and stands ready for ball on A2.

  • Other players?
    • 3 fetch balls
    • 3 encourage
    • After 10 balls change group.
    • 2 trainers available?
      • 1 trainer makes sure the player in the middle does not cheat by starting too fast (and keeps him/her in the middle)

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