Volleyball drills for warming-up


Divide the players into 2 teams. Each team stands on one side of the net.

  • On each side of the net there are a number of balls (depending on the size of the group you can add or subtract balls).
  • The idea is that the players, once the starting signal is given, throw as many balls as possible to the other side.
  • The team that has the most balls on its side of the net at the end of the game has lost.
  • Each player may only play one ball at a time to the other side!

Variations for playing over/under the net:

  • Roll with 2 arms
  • Roll with 1 arm
  • Overhead throw with 2 arms
  • Overhead throw with stroke arm
  • Overhand throw with non batting arm
  • Bounce with 2 arms in front of the net so that the ball flies over the net after the bounce
  • Bounce under the net (2 arms, later 1 arm, batting arm)
  • 5 balls per player: place 4 balls in a diamond with 1 ball in the middle of the diamond.
  • Players start behind their diamond and walk to the front,
  • there they tap the middle ball,
  • Then they move sideways (left or right) and tap the ball away.
  • Move back to the middle of the diamond and then move sideways to the other side + tap the ball away.
  • Then walk to the front, tap the ball away, back to the middle, backwards and tap the ball away.
  • And finally tap the ball away in the middle.



  • first good hand
  • other hand
  • in turn
  • take high
  • take low
  • walk dribble
  • go under your leg
  • Running back line net 3x
  • Lateral passes 1x
  • Cross passes 1x
  • Knees high heels seat 1x
  • Sprints 2x
  • Arms swinging loose 1x


  • Leg hold 1x
  • Leg held back 1x
  • Push leg sideways 1
  • Go through knees and turn exercise 1x
  • 2 players behind each other,
  • back player has ball
  • and the front player does not know when the ball is rolled.
  • The front player runs as soon as the ball is rolled.
  • The front player runs from the moment the ball is rolled.
    • variation by means of another way of standing or holding for the front player.

3 laps own
warming up ( 5 min)

Playing in pairs

  • forearms
  • overhead
  • peppering


  • 10 x sit ups
  • 10x squad
  • 30 sec plank
  • 10 x push-ups
    • Repeat 3 times


  • 1 has a ball others are lying flat on the ground.
  • With the ball everybody jumps with two legs over everybody else
  • and the last one stands up with his legs wide
  • and then the last one jumps until everyone is finished.
  • run 2 laps around the big field outside the yellow lines. On the short parts sideways.
  • Run 2 circles around the big field outside the yellow lines. On the short parts cross pass,


Back line - 2 lines:

  • Walk to back line 4x
  • Heels against seat until middle line - calmly walk to back line 2x
  • "At a fast pace to mid-line - slowly walk out to back-line 2x
  • Lift knees to middle line - walk slowly to back line 2x
  • "Quickly work your way to mid-line - slowly work your way to the back line 2x
  • Lateral left to mid-line - 1x
  • Sideways right to middle line - 1x

Hind line - 2 lines

  • 3 meter line - back line - middle - back line 1x
  • 3 meter line - back line - middle - back line - 3 meter - back line - back line


  • Each his given exercise

Per 3 - 1 ball: Sparring 15 min.

  • Discard
  • Strikes
  • Test
  • Sparring with the intention to stay busy


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