Volleyball drills for warming-up

  • you pass the ball to the person behind you through your legs and then you stand back until the whole row is at a certain distance

2 groups of 2 persons - 1 group of 3
Group of 2: 1 ballGroup
of 3: 2 balls

Group of 2:

  • Player a stands at 3m
  • Player b does reception at 3m
  • Player a is going to catch reception

Group of 3:

  • Player a stands on 3m
  • Player b does reception at 3m other side
  • Player c catches ball

  1. Throw 20x
  2. 20x throw - throw further so player has to turn around
  3. 15x top spin
  4. 15x float stroke
  • x-number of players standing on a bench
  • x-number of players in front at 2 to 3 meters
  • player in front of the bench throws the ball so that the player on the bench can catch BH
  • player on the bench catches BH > drops to his knees and rolls the ball towards the player on the ground
  • Dribbling on the spot
  • Sqauts
  • Sit ups
  • Push UPS
  • Hand clap
  • Shoulder pat
  • Boxing


  • jog to the first line and back. Then to the second line and back, etc.
  • low dribble, back to the lines.
  • backwards.
  • jump at the lines
  • lie down at the lines
  • lateral connecting pass
  • Cross pass
  • throw and pass the ball

Warm up from the back line to the net:

  • run
  • unscrew right arm
  • Untie the left arm
  • Untie both arms
  • raise your knee
  • heels-bottoms
  • sideways (left and right)
  • cross pass
  • dive
  • 10 times back and forth to the net
  • 5 times backwards and forwards
  • 4 times sideways (connecting pass and face one way)
  • 4 times front to back crossing (also face one way)
  • 4 times heels touching butt and backwards
  • 4 times lift the knee and return backwards
  • 4 times sitting low on the side (pass posture) face one way
  • 4 times waving arms (left and right)
  • Stretching and stretching (calves, thighs, ankles loose, hips loose, arms stretching (front to back))
  • two groups on the back line and dribbling ready; sprinting at GO of the trainer:
  • centre line
  • 3 meter line
  • pass to the net
  • sprint and dive over the baseline
  • next already dribbling ready and pass at GO
  • 10 pushups
  • 10 situps
  • 10 burpies (from stance on stomach, stand up and jump with arms in the air)
  • 10 times 5 seconds in pass position and then jump as high as possible
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