Volleyball drills for warming-up

  • Group is divided into 2 teams.
  • Trainer starts the game by introducing some balls on both sides of the playing field.
  • The players have to pass the balls over the net as often and as much as possible during 3 minutes by throwing the ball to a team mate who passes the ball over the net.
    • This can be BH, and/or OH.
  • The team that has the most balls in the field after 3 minutes, has lost.

So pay attention:

  • teamwork is necessary
  • Stay in each other's neighbourhood.
  • You are not allowed to run with the ball.
  • Putting two benches in a field,
  • shuffle up and down between the benches,
  • 15 times (up and down is 1)
  • Players stand in pairs, briefly facing each other.
  • On the ground between the two players lies a ball.
  • The trainer gives the commands:
    • Head,
    • chin,
    • knees,
    • feet,
    • ears,
    • BAL!
  • At the command BAL, the players must try to get the ball as quickly as possible.
  • At the other commands, they tap on the corresponding body part.
  • 2 with the ball and the rest by tapping the ball against another.
  • Running with the ball is not allowed.
  • Once tapped you are also tapped.
  • Tappers wear a ribbon

Trainer stands with ball box at the net, position 2/3, players stand at position 1, 5 and 6 for defense.

Trainer throws ball to players:

  • If ball at position 1, players of position 1 and 6 exchange after playing back ball
  • If ball at position 6, players remain standing
  • If ball at position 5, players of position 5 and 6 clear after playing back ball

  • As long as the passing remains good at 2/3, the coach continues to pass the ball.
  • Players not participating stand around the field and make sure the ball pit stays filled.
  • Throw ball against wall.
  • Finish with two flat hands.
  • Catch ball high on the nose.
  • As it gets better, play 1 through, then catch.

Divide into 2 teams who will run against each other.

  • Players stand in 2 groups behind the backline
  • Player runs to the 3 meter line with the ball, throws the ball over the net, runs under the net and catches own ball again.
    • Run with the ball to the backline, put it in the hoop and sprint back, tap the next player in the waiting line.
  • Next player sprints to the ball in the hoop, takes the ball and does the same throwing exercise when coming back.
    • Give the ball to the next player who will put it back in the hoop... etc...
  • When the ball falls, the exercise must be repeated.
  • Extend exercise with different throwing techniques or over passes

6 different exercises to be done in turn for 30 seconds (at 100%) and then 30 seconds to 1 min rest

  • ladder + dives
  • sit-ups
  • tap lines + attack run
  • squats
  • bench/step to jump on
  • pumping position tapping or pumping shoulders

  • Start with 3 laps around the entire field.
  • After that short exercise on sprinting.
  • All run behind each other with about one and a half meter in between.
  • At the start signal the last one leaves and sprints to the front along the outside of the group (while they continue to run), when the player in front is calling yes, the last one may leave again.
  • When the player at the front of the group is in front of you, he shouts yes and then the last one may leave again.