Volleyball drills for warming-up

  • We make a square of benches with +/- 15 balls in it.
  • 2 players go into the square and the rest of the players stand around it.
  • The players in the square get 60 seconds to throw as many balls as possible out of the square, it is up to the other players to throw as many balls back into the square.
  • After the 60 seconds the balls in the square are counted and then it's up to the next 2 players.
  • (In between there is a rest period of about 60 seconds).
  • The duo that has the least balls in the square at the end has won.
  • The others do a punishment (for example clean up the balls and the benches.

The team is divided into 2 (or more) equal groups.
The groups compete against each other during different tasks:

  1. walk forwards to the cone, tap the cone, walk backwards
  2. walk forwards to the cone, tap the cone, walk backwards
  3. walk forward to the cone, tap the cone, walk backwards, take player 2 to the cone, player 1 stays behind and player goes to get player 3 ...
  4. walk with ball forward to the cone, put ball on cone and walk backward, 2nd player walks forward to the cone, takes ball and walks backward and passes ball.
  5. Passing the ball while sitting above the head
  6. pass the ball through the legs
  7. pass the ball left/right
  8. get to the other side by moving hoops
  9. The 2 groups now form 1 big group.
  10. get the mat across while sitting above your head
  11. getting the big ball across without touching the ground
  • Speed ladder is from the back line towards the net, in the middle of the field.
  • Players move every round with a different movement pattern for the footwork through the speed ladder towards the net, then at position 3 a block, move to position 2 or 4 (alternate) and there a block again.
  • Then walk a lap around the square until when they are back at the ladder.

ladder exercises:

  1. 1 foot per square
  2. 2 feet per section
  3. left in, right out
  4. 2 in front, 1 in back
  5. jump open
  • blue:
    • Passing underarms to each other over the net.
    • duration: 2 minutes
    • 5x push-ups, 15 sit-ups.
  • white:
    • Pass underarm under the net.
    • duration 2 minutes
    • 8 push-ups 20 sit-ups
  • Red:
    • Both standing on a 7 meter line. Play the ball underarms to a 3 meter line in front of you, over the net on the 7 meter.
    • duration 2 minutes.
    • 5x push-ups 15 sit ups

  • blue:
    • pass underarms to each other over the net. duration: 2 minutes
    • 5x push-ups, 15 sit-ups.
  • White:
    • pass underarms under the net. duration 2 minutes
    • 8 push-ups 20 sit-ups
  • Red:
    • both standing on 7 meter line. play underarms to 3 meter line in front of you, overhead over the net on the 7 meter. 2 minutes.
    • 5x push-ups 15 sit ups
  • Green:
    • Player with ball at the net. Hits defender, who passes ball back, then hits defender.
    • change after 10 times.



  • Player A throws ball over the net.
  • Player B or C passes the ball over the net.
  • The other player quickly runs under the net and sets up the ball for the same player who passed.
  • This player tries to get a pawn off the bench with overhand play or a hitting move.

Which pair or team has knocked the most pawns off the bench after X number of minutes?

  • Grouping into 2 groups,
  • Each group gets a small mat and the opponents must try to hit the mat with a ball.
  • If they hit the mat they get a point.
  • If the mat falls, the opponent gets a point.
  • 30 sec jumping jacks
  • 30 sec sit ups
  • 30se squats
  • 30 sec push up and turn arm up
  • 30 sec high knee running in place
  • 30 sec lunges
  • 30 sec plank

Warming up / all-round training

Each player will pass, attack, distribute, block, defend, rally, with turnovers.
#2 means

  • Trainer stands with cart with balls at the pole at #2 (position 2)
  • Players stand outside the field at the side of #1 and a playmaker at # 2/3
  • First round starts with Trainer throwing the ball to #5, player 1 runs from the sideline to the ball and plays it to the distributor.
  • Start with "blue players" (see drawing), then extend with "red players

Further course of play:

  1. Tr throws ball for S1 to #5
  2. S1 runs in and plays to Sv (#2/3)
  3. Sv gives setup to the outside (#4)
  4. S1 attacks.
  5. Turn over: S1 becomes Sv, Sv gets the ball and joins the line at #1.

Expansion 1

  1. Sv turns to the other side of the net and becomes a blocker.
    Now the same steps as above, but with the block opposite the attacker.
  2. Turn over: S1 (has just attacked) becomes Sv at #2/3, Sv
    passes under the net and becomes B1 at #2B1
    who, after blocking, goes to get the ball and joins the row


Extend 2

  1. After blocking at #2, player goes to defend at #5. Attacker is obliged to pass to #5.
  2. When the ball is defended a rally may be played (2 vs. 2)
  3. After end of rally or no defence or fault in attack, turn over

Extend 3 and more

  1. One can extend with a 2nd blocker, 2nd and 3rd defender (on resp. #1 and #6)
  2. More players can be added to field I (so players from the sideline move in when a rally arises)
  3. The passing game becomes S1 (passing and attacking) -> Sv -> B1 (#3) -> B2 (#2) -> V1 (#1) -> V2 (#6) -> V3 (#5) possibly A2 (#4) and then connect again.
  4. You can expand to 6 against 6, so start with blue, then B1, then B2, then V1, then V2 (when continuing the game, first V2 and then V1), then V3 (continuing the game with V2, V3, V1) and then possibly A1. In the meantime, players in field I must be added.
  5. If there are several players in Area I, you can choose to throw in a ball on S1 at #5 instead of throwing in a ball through Tr.