Volleyball drills for warming-up

  • Play fanatically in pairs
  • Make long series.
  • Is that going well?
    • Try to hit the ball quietly every now and then.
  • Coach throws from the net:
    • 3 players on the backline on their stomachs.
  • Trainer hits the ball,
  • 3 players stand up and trainer attacks/plays.
    • Nr. 1 of the trio defends,
    • No. 2 sets up and
    • No. 3 attacks
      • then next 3 team
  • One player is tagged.
  • When you are tagged, sit against the wall with one arm up. NOTE: legs in an angle of 90 degrees.
  • When someone sits on your lap (=toilet) and "pulls" on your arm, you are free again.
  • Change your ticker regularly.

Code cracking.

  • 2 Teams against each other
  • Exercise set 1
    1. 4x sprint over 1 half of field
    2. 10x situps
    3. 30 seconds planks
    4. 10x jump on the bench with both feet next to each other
  • Exercise set 2
    1. 10x BH turn catch
    2. 10x BH OH sit catch
    3. 10x BH catch over net
    4. 40x service against the wall and catch

  • 1324321441
  • 3423112434
  • 2243121341
  • 4132124321
  • 5-minute laps around the field.
  • Hamstring stretch.
  • Ankle stretch.
  • Groin stretch.
  • Back stretch,
    • Stand tall,
    • step by step, hands on toes, starting with the chin on the chest.
    • Then slowly go down to the toes.
    • When the toes have been touched, slowly lift up and stretch all the way again.
  • Planks on two elbows 3x20sec
  • Planks on the side 2x20 left 2x20 right
  • Push up 2x10
  • Abdominals 2x10 Move elbows to knees.
  • Warm up with ball

  • 1 pass on 2, 
  • 2 set-up on 3, 
  • 3 BH on 4 - 
  • 4 pass on 5 
  • 5 set-up on 6, 
  • 6 BH on 8 
  • etc. Turn over: - 1 runs around the pawn to the position of 2.
    • 1 moves around the pawn to the position of 2 
    • 2 moves around the pawn to position 3 
    • 3 to the other side to the position of 4, etc.



After each part, a short rest and then through again. Parts with * need a bench, 2 to 4 persons per bench

  • Part 1:
    • 30 step-ups* (getting on/off the bench)
    • 15 push-ups* (feet on the bench)
  • Part 2:
    • 30 east-west step-ups* (right foot on bench left foot next to it â€" left foot on it right foot next to it)
    • 10 squats jumps (going through the knees and jumping as high as possible when stretching)
  • Part 3:
    • 20 side shuffles over 4 meters
    • 10 slit-squat jump (jump and go through 1 knee, other knee each time)
  • Part 4:
    • 30 step-ups* (stepping on/off the bench)
    • 15 push-ups* (feet on the bench)

Warming up (1)

  • Relay in pairs, at the net 2 dice per pair.
  • Sprint to the net, roll the dice and add up the number of dots.
  • Sprint back and touch the next one and he/she adds up the number until you have 56.
  • You have to get the exact number, so at 52 you have to throw 4.
  • The one who has 56first, wins.

Part 1

  • The players are divided into two equal teams.
  • The balls are distributed equally on both sides of the net.
  • The aim is to have as few balls on your own side as possible.

The way to pass the balls / course of play:

  1. Roll
  2. Throwing (overhand, underhand, one arm)
  3. Storage (underhand, overhand)

Part 2

  • The trainer places a ball on the half way line.
  • On either side of the net, a line of players stands at the back line.
  • At the signal of the trainer they run to the ball, whoever has it may keep it.

Which team collects the most balls?


  • The players on both sides of the net are numbered (so that 2 players of the 2 different teams have the same number)
    • Storm at sea: if your number is called, you must try to get the ball as quickly as possible and get back behind your line (= point + safety for the opponent).
    • If you are tapped by your opponent when you have the ball in your hands, you have to drop the ball (you can pick it up immediately afterwards and continue playing).
  • The trainer puts several balls on the middle line and everyone plays against everyone else and tries to collect as many balls as possible. (Several times, not as many balls as players, can also be played with a time limit, ...)