Volleyball drills for warming-up


Play fanatically in threes. After you play the ball, walk to the other side and connect. Player A plays to player B and connects with player B at the back. Player B plays to player C and connects with player C at the back. Etc.


  • 1 with ball at the net,
  • 1 without ball on the backline, flat on belly.
  • Attacker hits ball, defender defends on 7meter line,
    • Then short ball on 3meter line.
  • 2 teams at the net with 1 ball each
    • 1p without ball behind the backline lying flat on belly.
  • Attacker hits ball, defender defends on 7 meter line,
    • then short ball on 3 meter line.


  • The players start by throwing the ball over, close to the net (within 3 m).
  • After throwing the ball, each player walks around the pawn at about 5 m and to the other side.

  • Variation
    • One of the players then decides how the ball will be passed and how the players will move around the pawn.
    • The other players imitate this player.


  • Per 5 children there is one ticker with a (soft) ball.
  • He tries to throw all children off with the ball.

From one side of the hall to the other side of the hall like a certain animal.

  • The teacher sets out three areas of approximately equal size with pawns.
  • It is best to use the volleyball lines (see map).
  • There are three sections (see map):
  • Left: barons square (losers square)
  • Centre: princes section (neutral section)
  • Right: king of the court (winner section)
  • All students stand in the middle section.
  • With a signal from the teacher the game starts.
  • All pupils have to try to tap/strike the ball of another pupil out of the box.
  • If you succeed you move one square to the right.
  • If your ball is knocked away you move up one square to the left.
  • If you hit/tap someone's ball out of the box on the right you score a point.
  • If your ball is knocked out of the winner's box you lose all your points.
  • If your ball is knocked out of the left box nothing happens and you stay standing.
  • When the teacher gives the final signal the person with the most points is king of the court and he/she has won.



  • The three of you start at the back line
  • in the push-up position and then one of them jumps over it
  • and so we move on and whoever gets to the net first and back again has won.


Improve fitness and warm up


Run in circles


Run in circles around the field(leave about 2m between them)

  1. when trainer claps 1 time - pump 1 time
  2. when trainer claps 2 times - sliding dives
  3. when trainer claps 3 times - a block jump
  4. when trainer claps 4 times - turn around and short spurt


After each part, a short rest and then through again. Parts with * need a bench, 2 to 4 persons per bench

  • Part 1:
    • 30 step-ups* (getting on/off the bench)
    • 15 push-ups* (feet on the bench)
    • 30 step-ups*(get on/off bench)
    • 15 push-ups* (feet on the bench)


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