Volleyball drills for warming-up


Players split into pairs.

  • 2-2 play on a half court. Up to the 9-yard line.
    1. Only above and below the line.
    2. See point 1 + directed attack.
  • Pass the ball by service.

All stand in one big circle.

Take turns calling out a command; "command.....!"

  • Attack
  • Dive
  • Left
  • Right
  • Block
  • ....

After 5 commands 30 seconds of alternating straight, left and right.


A varied warm-up where 6 benches standing next to each other with each +/-2-3m between them form the basis. See videos for exercises. It is a varied selection of exercises: running, running, jumping and strength exercises with and without a ball. Depending on the target group, you can choose the exercises.

1. 2 players start at the same time. One slaloms around the benches by starting on the right, the other by starting on the left.

  • Forward in a run
  • Give high-fives every time they cross each other.
  • Every time they cross each other jump and hit each other's hands.
  • Backwards

2. Same as 1, only it's not a slalom, but you meet in the middle every time.

  • Lean on one knee and join hands. Then back again and walk around the bench.

3. 2 players remain simultaneously. Grab bench with two hands. Do legs over the bench three times. Then move to next bench and so on.

4. Same as 3, but they cross each other. Every bench one changes from left to right.

5. You jump as 3, once over the bench. Sit with your back against the bench. Grasp the bench with your arms. Legs stretched. Do 1 push up.

6. Same as 5, but you cross each other. Each bench is alternated between left and right.

Grasp the bench with your hands and your body stretched out. You make 1 push up. And jumps once over the bench.

8. Same as 7, but you cross each other. Each bank switches from left to right.

9. Combination of 6 and 8. Start at the first bench with a push forward, the next bench backward and so on until the last bench. In between they cross.

10. One jumps leg by leg over the benches in a running pace.

11. Same as 10, but they cross each other. Each bench is crossed from left to right.

12. One jumps on the bench. Then from 1 jump spread legs around the bench. You look at each other. Bench up-down-up and through.

13. Same as 12, but they cross each other. Every bench one changes from left to right.

14. Pairs. One player lifts up the bench at the right side. The other player crawls under the bench and grabs the next bench on the left. Now the other player goes under the bench, etc.

Foursomes. In fact the same as 14, only now the bench is grabbed by 2 players on both sides. Then 2 players go under it and hold up the next bench, etc.

  • Two groups of 3-4 players in a row on the back line.
  • The first one of the group stands in the field and tries to get the ball on the ground on the other side and joins his own row.
  • The first one of the group on the other side catches the ball and also tries to throw the ball over the net, scoring.
  • Two rows of pawns, about 3 meters between rows, one pawn every 1.5m.
  • Total 8 per row. Players divide into 2 groups and 2 rows,
  • 1 line at each row of pawns (possibly 2 extra lines if the group is big).

  1. Run along the right side of the row, backwards over the left. 3x
  2. Lift your knees to the front, calmly run back 2x
  3. Heels/buttons out, calmly back, 2x
  4. Skater's stride out, slowly back 2x
  5. Sideways out, sideways back, keeping face the same direction 2x
  6. Cross pass inwards and backwards, keeping face in the same direction 2x
  7. 2 pawns in front, 1 back at high speed 2x
  8. Sprint from pawn to pawn, circle each pawn in short strides.

Group together, 1 row at the right-hand side of the pawns.

  1. Move sideways between the pawns, touching each pawn 2x
  • 4 gives setup on 1 and 1 plays BH to 2. 2 defends to 3,
  • 3 sets up 2 and 2 plays BH to 1,
  • 1 defends on 4 and it starts all over again.

  • After 3 and 4 have given 5 setups they are exchanged,
  • The challenge is to do this while keeping the ball in play.
  • If this goes well the team will attack technically instead of playing BH.


  • Speed ladder is from the back line towards the net, in the middle of the field.
  • Players move every round with a different movement pattern for the footwork through the speed ladder towards the net, then a block at position 3, move to position 2 or 4 (alternate) and a block again there.
  • Then immediately step out to the defensive position on the 3-m line (with the cross move, immediately adopt a low stance and weight on the front feet).
  • After the defensive position two options: either shuffle backwards towards the baseline or make a diving roll towards the baseline.
  • Depending on the team and fitness level, increase the number of rounds the players have to make.
  • 3 teams,
    • 2 with ball at the net,
    • 1 without ball at the backline flat on belly.
  • Net player 1 hits ball, defender stands up and defends attack at about 6 meters,
    • Afterwards short ball on 3 meter by net player 2.
  • Repeat 2 series of 20 balls (so 10x attack and 10x short).

In pairs

  • 1 with ball on the backline
  • 1 without ball at the net facing the net
  • make a block jump at the net (pay attention to a straight landing)
  • after landing, turn around and defend short ball on 6m line
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