Volleyball drills for warming-up

  • 6 times to the net (forward and backward)
  • 2x back and forth knee lifts (left leg up, left arm up etc)
  • Heels/Buttocks straight up 2x times
  • 2x back and forth sitting low in defensive position
  • 2x cross pass back and forth.
  • stand on 3 metre line and then go back and forth to the net sideways 5 times
  • 5x blocking
  • 5x attack
  • tap all lines from backline and dive back
  • Walk 3x back and forth in a runner's pace to the net
  • Walk 3x back and forth in double-step to the net, waving your arms as you walk
  • Cross walk to the net 3 times (waving your arms)
  • 3x back and forth sideways to the net
  • 3x back and forth to the net, alternating between lifting your thighs and putting your heels against your seat
  • 1 plays overhand to 2
  • 2 plays back overhand and moves alternately 3 meters to the left or right
  • left or right and returns to the starting position.
  • 1 plays the returned ball directly left or right of 2.
  • change after 2 mint.
    • VARIATION: 2 plays overhand

Divide the children into 2 groups; 1 counter and 1 person who does the exercise.

  • 4 hoops lie in a square.
    • The distance between the hoops is 5 metres.
    • In each hoop there is a ball.
    • The player starts in a corner with a ball in his hands.
  • Swap as many balls in a row as possible, putting the ball in the hoop.
    • The player has to look in the same direction.
  • Each player has one turn.
  • Count the number of ball changes in 45 seconds.

Instructions for the counters

  • The balls have to be placed in the hoop.
    • If the ball rolls out, the player must go back and put it back in!
  • All four hoops must be completed in order.
    • The player is not allowed to run back and forth between 2 hoops and swap balls!



  • The teams on the mats must conquer 4 pawns together without being tapped in x number of minutes


  • Pairs on the 3 mats (can be extended to 2 pairs)
  • 2 cops between the mats and pawns
  • 9 Pawns about a field length of the mats.

Explanation of the game;

  • The pair on the mat must conquer a pawn, hand in hand or otherwise connected to each other.
  • The taggers will try to tag one of the two.
  • If one of them gets caught, they have to go back to their mat and try again.
  • The first to four cones wins. The team with the fewest pawns is the winner.
  • Set a time limit for a number of minutes to keep the game going.


  • Split the players into two groups.
  • Each group on one side of the net.
  • Pass the ball over the net from player A to player B by a block move.
  • Player B moves sideways towards player C and passes again over the net, etc. etc.
  • Meanwhile, player A can do a ground exercise while waiting.

  • Lie on the ground with a ball.
  • Legs bent, back slightly raised.
  • Ball towards feet,
    • 10x
  • Lying on the ground with ball
  • Pairs.
  • Legs bent, back slightly upwards.
  • Throwing 1 ball to each other
  • Legs wide, arms down to the floor, left, centre and right
  • Legs wide, arms swinging around and to the sides
  • Legs in knots, reaching to the ground
  • Legs pulled behind your back
  • Draw arms behind your back
  • Bipartisan
  • Overlap
  • Hold up 1 time for yourself
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