Volleyball drills for warming-up

  • on each side 4 people with the ball on the back line
  • on each side 1 person without ball between the 3 and 7 meter line
  • first you throw the volleyball which is caught, then you throw the tennis ball.
  • Extend to only throw the volleyball and then pass the ball in/or against the basket. in the basket is 2 points against the basket is 1 point. who has 10 points first.
  • You run after the ball. when you have caught it you connect to your own side of the net.field-coordination


Improve fitness and strength + warm up


To crack a code by carrying out various tasks


You can play this game with any 4 exercises you can think of.

1. Divide the group into two or three. These are the teams that will do the assignments.
2. The trainer makes a code of ten digits e.g. (24 32 14 21 33)
3. The players will do the exercises in a particular order. For example; they think the first digit is 3, so they will do exercises 3. When they have done them, they will go to the trainer and he will say whether the number is right or wrong. If the number is right, they try to guess the next number. If the number is wrong they have to do another exercise, for example exercise four, to guess the correct number.

Set 1;
Exercise 1: Push-ups 5 timesExercise
2: Sprint the distance between the back line and the middle line three timesExercise
3: Spiderman from the net to the back line and backExercise
4: Ten sit ups

Set 2
;Exercise 1: WheelbarrowExercise
2: TiggerExercise
3: Hand walkExercise
4: 15 count slice

The pair that cracks the code first wins.


(the net must not be hung up yet in this exercise!)

  • Divide all children in pairs and each child lying on one side of the field. The children on side 1 lie on their stomachs and the children on side 2 on their backs.
  • All children from side 1 run to the other side and lay down next to their partner on their back.
  • As soon as this is done, the partner of side 2 can run to the other side, quickly lie down on his/her belly, touch the ground with his/her nose and run back to his/her own place. There lie down again on the back
  • The child who lies on the ground on the back must now return to his/her own place.

Who is first back on base?

  • this is an exercise in a kind of game form. In the opposite field a bench (or cupboard) has to be placed with a number of pylons standing on it.
  • Children stand divided:
    • in a line with the trainer with a ball in their hands (1);
    • at the mv position (2);
    • at the left front (side) position (3);
    • 2 children behind the bench/cabinet to catch the balls (4);
    • after play passing from 1 to 2 to 3 to 1
  • child 1 gives the ball to the trainer who passes the ball to child 2
  • child 2 gives a setup on the outside to child 3
  • child 3 plays the ball brace over the net and tries to get as many pylons off the bench as possible
  • after child 3 has played the ball, the ball is turned over.

(extension > hitting the ball)

Which team has hit/played the most pylons off the bench after X number of minutes?

  • 6 times to the net (forward and backward)
  • 2x back and forth knee lifts (left leg up, left arm up etc)
  • Heels/Buttocks straight up 2x times
  • 2x back and forth sitting low in defensive position
  • 2x cross pass back and forth.
  • core/movement
  • 10 sec plank
  • 10 x scorpion
  • 10 x spiderman
  • 15 sit ups
  • 10 push ups

Players face each other.
4 players each get 1 ball.
Players stand in the volleyball starting position and in a light squat stance
: Ankle, knee, buttocks, shoulder or head or GO* At
GO one of the players tries to grab the ball.
* Whoever takes the ball goes out

  • 1 ball/person
  • Each player dribbles, at the sign of the trainer the ball is thrown as high (and far) as possible.
  • The players try to catch their ball.
  • If this works out well
    • Ball is caught with 1 foot in front.
    • After the throw the ball is clapped between the legs. (after every step)
    • Lie on your stomach after throwing the ball.
  • In pairs, facing each other, start at the cone.
  • Place cones in the middle.
  • One cone per pair
  • First time backwards to the sideline.
  • Return forward.
  • Tapping and kneeling in reception position, waiting for the signal.
  • On command move sideways to the sideline.
  • Same side back.
  • Wait through the knees.
  • Third time knees up, back against seat.
  • Knee sit next to the cone, right leg to leave.
  • 4th time, very fast kick to the other side.
  • Lie on your stomach on the line and kick back.




Condition, speed, reaction ability and making appointments


Two teams of three players form a team on either side of the pitch. Trainer + one player at the net pass the ball.



  • Trainer and a player roll balls into the field. These balls must not go over the outer lines of the field. If they do the team is out.
  • The team that has finished is going to provide balls and a new team is going to enter the field.
  • Start quietly and then slowly increase the pace.
  • It is also important that agreements are made so that they are not all after the same ball!