Volleyball drills for warming-up


4 laps around the field in a running pace.

Stand on the backline and calmly walk to the net.
backwards to the backline.
Alternately lift your left and right knee to 90 degrees back to the net (knee lift 90gr)
Heels back to the back line. (2x)

Calm walk to the net, left arm turns forward.
back to the back line right arm turns forward.

Calm walk to the net with both arms turning forward at the same time. back to
the back line walk forward arms turning backwards.

cross pass back and forth.

On your heels to the middle of the field and then on your toes to the net.
Back 8 skippings with high knee deployment and then a short sprint and easy run to the back line.
At the back line, do the same thing again, but now towards the net.

On the baseline again 8
skippings with a sprint to the net. Same again.
After this again active skipping with high explosiveness.

3 sets of 15 movements half squats. (Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and toes pointing slightly outwards) You move as if sitting down to 45 degrees. (15x without stopping) 10 count break and again 15x and then 10 count rest and again 15x.

Lunge (get out, knee not past the toes and back straight arms in the side) 3x left, 3x right (4 sets)

Reach to the net.
Stand facing the net, arms above your head and at a leisurely pace make your back as long as possible (pretend) 3 sets of 5 stretches.

Shoulder girdle slowly.
Stand with your back to it about 50 cm from the net. Raise your arms above your head.
Go to the net with your hands while gently arching your back and hit the net. Also 3 sets of 5 repetitions.

  • Players divide into 2 teams.
  • Each team has its own mat that they must get to the other side as quickly as possible, by taking turns diving on it.
  • Whichever mat reaches the other side first, that team has won!

series of exercises to train postural muscles

  • hip crossover
  • scorpion
  • one-hundred
  • left hand on right knee, right hand on right ankle, left leg extended (15 cm off the ground), shoulders off the ground -> change: right hand on left knee, left hand on left ankle, right leg extended. Calm movement!
  • On hands/knees (shoulders - torso - legs rectangle). Turn right leg and right arm up towards the ceiling, hips together. From here, turn back, dog pose, swing left leg up, back to hands/knees. Repeat! Idem left.
  • Side posture, upper leg stretched back, upper arm stretched forward. Bring hand to knee and stretch again. Repeat! Same as on the other side.
  • Sit on right hip, right hand on the ground. From here up with left leg stretched towards ceiling and back again. Repeat! Same as left side.
  • plank posture. From there, move foot by foot next to your hand and back again. Order: first right first, then left first (alternately).
  • Three players on the back line.
  • At about one meter from the sidelines you put a pylon.
  • The other players stand around the field to pick up the balls.
  • The trainer at the net throws the balls into the field at a high speed.
  • It is up to the players to pass the balls back to the trainer, or at least to hit the ball.
  • Then the players join in again at the back, and so they keep running and looking at the ball.
  • The remaining players stand around the field to collect the balls played away and pass them back to the trainer.
  • Expansion:
  • Pawns further apart, throwing faster, hitting.
  • 2 teams(6,8,10 or 12 players)
  • 1 person in the field.
  • Other players stand behind the back line in the waiting room.
  • T puts ball in play in field A or B.
  • You may only play the ball underarm.
  • After playing the ball step out and someone in the waiting room takes your place.
  • If you make a mistake, make sure you have the ball safe and go and cheer on your teammates.
  • If everyone on a team has played away then you have a point.

You form groups of 4.

  • You divide the group in 2 and you put them opposite each other at the net.
  • They spar with each other after each action the player walks to the back line and taps the line.
  • Tapping the line you can exchange with a dive, height jump ...
  • 2 opposite each other, bend their knees in the sitting position and come up and kick forward with the left and right leg alternately.



Two persons face to face in a lying position. They push themselves up and give each other a hand slap (see photo)


  • 3 lines a few meters apart.
  • Each line has a name (apple pear or banana).
  • The children start on a line.
  • Trainer calls out a fruit and the children must run to that line as fast as they can.