Volleyball drills for warming-up

  • 2 teams stand in a large circle,
  • in the middle there are balls (1 less than the number of pairs)
  • Person A goes on the back of Person B
  • When the trainer says yes, A jumps off his back and runs around the circle.
  • In the meantime B has put his legs wide so that A can pass between them.
  • A goes between the legs of B and picks up a ball as fast as possible.
  • Etc. until there is a winner.


  • 2 equally sized groups on opposite sides of the net in a row,
  • pass the ball and try to make a point, each person has 3 lives.
  • superball:
    • On one side of the net superballs(speaks for themselves).

2 players stand about 3 metres apart and play the ball to each other.

Variant with 3 players

  • Same exercise, but one player stands between
  • the other two and acts as distributor.
  • Defense always goes to the player in the middle who then sets up the other player.
  • This player passes the ball back to the other player who passes to the playmaker, and so on...
  • After a while the middle (defender) player is changed.
  • Per 2 spars,
  • 1 person works,
  • alternating between short drop and a smash,
  • after 10x short and 10x smash exchange

Exercise 1

  • Pass ball to defending player
  • Around the post and defend again

Exercise 2

  • Player on his belly on the 3 meter line
  • Player at the net hits the ball throws up and hits the ball, player on his belly comes up and defends the ball
  • step back and repeat

Exercise 3

  • player stands on the backline with his back to the net
  • player at the net calls yes and hits the ball or throws the ball short
  • player turns around and defends or ducks the ball

Exercise 4

  • player stands on a chair with a ball a little distance from the net
  • second player tries to take the ball from his hands with a block jump

Power round

  • 15 situps
  • 20 sec planks
  • 15 burpees
  • 30 runs (pushup stance, bring knees to elbow on opposite side, fast pace)
  • from back line to 3 meter line
  • shuffle back
  • Make an attack (without the ball)
  • back to 3 meter line
  • 3x blocks
  • Dive back to backline
  • Make 2 teams of about 5 children.
  • Each team stands on one side of the field.
  • Place 5 balls on both 3meter lines.
  • When the trainer calls GO, everyone rolls the balls to the other side.
  • Who has the least balls in their field after 3 minutes has won.

Goal: Warming up with the ball, ending with concentration exercise on technique to keep the ball in play.

  • The ball will be kept in play diagonally over the net.
  • There will be 3 x replays, pass/setup/attack.
  • Every time the team plays the ball over the net, they turn a spot.


  • The game is slowly built up from just playing over and underhands to targeted attack from jump.

  1. overhand at the net and underhand in the backfield
  2. attack from position
  3. attack from jump, aimed/strike the person (through).
  4. The team must keep the ball in play for 30 or 60 seconds. (The team must keep the ball in play for 30 or 60 seconds.) When the ball falls to the ground the time starts over. Set a maximum time of 5 minutes, for example, if you are not successful. You can extend the time each time you do the exercise by 10 seconds and thus keep the players trainer concentrated for longer and longer on passing the ball neatly.

Note: Make sure that the players do not pass the ball over the net in a wide arc, but that they attack in a targeted manner.

If you have more than 8 players, you can also place players at the right back and play over the whole field.