Volleyball drills for warming-up

  1. Lunges forward 2x
  2. Lunges backward 2x
  3. squats 2x 15
  4. dead bug 2 x 15
  5. plank 2 x 30 sec.
  6. plank with exit 1x 30 sec
  7. side plank both sides 1x 30 sec


To stretch the shoulder and upper back muscles in preparation for the blocking movement.


Repetitions: 3series of 5 repetitions. Take a few moments of rest between the series.


  • Stand at some distance from the net with your face to the net.
  • Place your hands diagonally above your head in the blocking position.
  • Make controlled blocking movements towards the net at a calm pace. Make yourself as long as possible without jumping.
  • Do this 5 times.

Do a total of 3 series of 5 repetitions. In between the series, take a few moments of rest.


warming-up-182condition and strength

- 4 to 5 players on the back line
- for A: push-ups10 x
- for B: attack run 5x
- for C: blocking 5x
- for D: sit-ups 10 x

Loosen ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, neck, wrists

Planks 10 sec, hip- cross over 10x, planks 10 sec, scorpion 10x, planks 10 sec, inverted hamstring 10x

Play fanatically

  • Passing over:
  • Ball always goes to the middle player
  • Overhand pass. Middle player must play backwards and turn around immediately!
  • Pass underhand. Middle player must play backwards and turn around immediately!
  • Peppering where the pass goes to the middle player who sets it up.
  • Diving balls indicated by middle player


  • A few laps
  • Stand on the back line and dribble forward to the net. Dribble backwards to the backline. 2x
  • Lift your knees and dribble back. 2x
  • Dribble forward to the net, swinging your left arm forward. Back right arm swings forward. 2x
  • Dribble forward to the net, swinging both arms forward. Back arms backwards 2x
  • Walk sideways and switch legs. Back shoulder other side 1X
  • Stand on your heels and walk about 4,5 meters. Then stand on your toes as high as possible and walk to the net.
  • Start by explosively skipping eight times over a few meters before powering up (sprinting) to the back line. Skipping is a fast dribble on the front feet with a clear knee strike whereby the raised leg is horizontal and the heel just barely touches the ground. You roll over the ball of your foot towards your heel Keep the feet raised towards the shins and the ground contact short and fanatic. Back and forth 2x
  • Back to the back line, you hop upwards actively and explosively, moving your arms along with you.
  • everyone in a line with the ball between their feet
  • always jump with the ball between their legs
  • they jump to a cone, around it and back again.
  • tap the next one, etc.
  • additions: forwards, sideways, slalom, through the hoop
  • make it a competition

  • 2 teams,
    • 1 with ball at the net,
    • 1 without ball on back line flat on belly.
  • Attacker hits ball, defender defends on 7meter line,
    • Then short ball on 3meter line.
  • Line up in the middle of the field.
  • 1 person walks to the net (midposition) and blocks,
  • sideways to set/outside and block there.
  • 1 person remains standing on each side, creating a two-man block.


  • Spread over 3m line.
    • Pass the ball in a zigzag and follow through. See picture
  • Later play underhand, only overhand.
    • One side of the net underhand, other side overhand.