Volleyball drills for warming-up


In pairs playing fanatically


  • 1 with ball at the net,
  • 1 without ball on the backline, flat on belly.
  • Attacker hits the ball, defender defends on 7 meter line,
    • Then short ball on 3meter line.

Two teams: one sits on the ground, the other stands.

The player who is standing must touch the toes of the one who is sitting. He may not hang over the player who is sitting.


To really get warm at the beginning of the training, relays are ideal. My experience is that adults also enjoy them and a bit of competition is always good!

The warm-up

  • The students stand in the field in a semi-circle.
  • The pupils throw the ball to each other.
  • The ball is always thrown to a different person, so not to the same person as who gave it to him/her.
  • When a boy has dropped the ball on the ground, all boys have to run a circle.
  • When the girls have thrown the ball on the ground then all girls have to run a circle.

  • As a variation, you can throw in more balls so that the game goes faster and they have to run more often.

You can also give the students numbers 1, 2,. When someone from 1 drops the ball, group 1 runs a circle. When someone from group 2 drops the ball group 2 runs.

  • Preferably 5/6 players per half.
  • You throw the ball over the net in one go.
  • The other player catches it and throws it back over the net the same way he caught it.
  • When you have caught the ball you run to a wall and tap it.
  • Your teammates have now moved on.
  • 3 times 2 teams in triangle
  • Chase the ball
  • First with 1 ball, later with 2 balls.
  • Pace high



walk from one side of the room to the other

first on the spot, then walk

  • walk sideways
  • heels buttocks
  • lift the knee
  • finish with 2x sprint
  • Trainer throws from the net:
    • 3 teams on the backline on the stomach
  • Trainer hits ball, 3 players stand up and trainer attacks one of the trio defends, no. 2 setup and no. 3 attacks
    • after that next 3 team
  1. in pairs. 1 works the other has rest
    • bench up and down with 2 legs at the same time (3x 20 - if you can)
    • bench up and down, alternating left and right (3x 20)
  2. Push-ups, remember that their backs are straight
  3. Abdominal muscle:
    • ball in your hands, legs up and try to touch the toes with the ball (30x)
    • Place ball on the ground left and right of your body with your arms stretched out (both 30x)
  4. Stand between 2 lines and move LAOW and touch the side lines