Volleyball drills for warming-up

  • 2 pairs:
    • jump rope
    • pass in front of back
    • kick back with one arm
    • abs with ball/shuffle
    • rope ladder
  • Walk from line to line.
  • Touch the line with your left hand and turn around to your left and vice versa.
  • Then walk forwards and backwards.
  • Then do not walk backwards, but sniff backwards.
  • Follow the leader, walk to the left or right, jump and dive.
  • With 2 feet in the ladder and keep going.
  • Sprint to the other side of the field.
  • Then run pass on the mat.
  • Walk backwards and pass.
  • Catch and throw to the other side of the net.
  • Zigzag backwards through cones .
  • Zigzag with shuffle pass.
  • Skate pass/jump.
  • Sideways/skateboarding
    • Front left.
    • Front right.
  • Turn back around the pawn
  • Ah end relay between the 2 rows

2 pairs:

Skipping rope/squad

pass in front of back

kick back with one arm

abs with ball/shuffle

push your arm in and out against each other

4 gives setup on 1 and 1 attacks on 2. 2 defends to 3, 3 gives setup on 2 and 2 attacks on 1, 1 defends on 4 and it starts all over again.

After 3 and 4 have given 5 setups they are exchanged, the challenge is to do this while keeping the ball in play.



Warm up together, someone will be designated to count:

  1. 12x run
  2. 3x sideways
  3. 3x cross pass
  4. 1x knee lift
  5. 1x buttocks tap

Back line to the net and back is 1x

After running there is 5 minutes room to stretch

Goal of the exercise:

Increase speed and agility.

Explanation of the exercise:

Teams stand behind a pawn. Player 1 runs to the next pawn, goes around it and runs back. Player 2 can start when player 1 is back. The team that finishes first wins. Different forms: sprint, frog jump, tide, knee lift, hopscotch, wheelbarrow, sprint with ball, overhead play and underarm play.

XL Challenge:

Place a balloon on centerline. At the sign of the trainer you have to sprint to the balloon and then dive and blow very hard. After being tapped the next player can blow away the balloon. The player who is first to blow the balloon over the backline wins.

Duration of the exercise:

10-15 minutes.


Over rope ladder, shuffling pawns

Around pawns, bouncing with ball.

Sprint to the hoop with the ball, bounce to the pawn, jump rope 5 times, to the opponent's hoop and back to the group.

Bring the ball between the legs to the other side.