Volleyball drills for warming-up

- 1 throws the ball with block jump to 2 in the backfield
- 2 defends for himself and goes to the net
- 1 after the throw to the backfield
- 2 throws with block jump to 1, Etc.
VARIATION: instead of block: calm attack inside 3 meter
or: calm attack behind 3 meter
or: calm serve 6 meter line


- 2 teams behind the three meter
- defend, set-up and three-meter attack
- after you have played the ball, sprint to the net

VARIATION: instead of sprinting: block at the net, dive to backline & attack jump
  • All children stand in a defined field.
  • Two taggers stand outside the field with one ball.
  • The taggers must try to catch the children in the field with the ball.
  • => if tapped: join the catcher


condition strength

  • 4 to 5 players on the back line
  • for A: push-ups 10 x
  • B: 10x jump high with knees lifted
  • C: sideways between 3 meter line 10 x
  • at D: sit-ups 10 x


  • 2 pairs:
    • jump rope
    • pass in front of back
    • kick back with one arm
    • abs with ball/shuffle
    • rope ladder
  • Walk from line to line.
  • Touch the line with your left hand and turn around to your left and vice versa.
  • Then walk forwards and backwards.
  • Then do not walk backwards, but sniff backwards.
  • Follow the leader, walk to the left or right, jump and dive.
  • With 2 feet in the ladder and keep going.
  • Sprint to the other side of the field.
  • Then run pass on the mat.
  • Walk backwards and pass.
  • Catch and throw to the other side of the net.
  • Zigzag backwards through cones .
  • Zigzag with shuffle pass.
  • Skate pass/jump.
  • Sideways/skateboarding
    • Front left.
    • Front right.
  • Turn back around the pawn
  • Ah end relay between the 2 rows


2 pairs:

Skipping rope/squad

pass in front of back

kick back with one arm

abs with ball/shuffle

push your arm in and out against each other

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