Volleyball drills for warming-up

  • Field will be divided in 6 squares
  • 3 boxes per field
  • the trainer calls out a number between 1 and 6
  • the players run to the concerning section

These exercises can be done in many variations.

  • 2 equal groups
  • estaffete. so which group finishes first
    1. speed ladder
    2. under 'mat on benches
    3. through the hoop
    4. slalom through poles
    5. climb over a cupboard
    6. 3x push-ups
    7. 10x jump with 2 legs on bench
    8. touch the next one
    9. ATTENTION: to smuggle is to start over with the part (not the whole course of course)

Each exercise is done for 30 seconds followed by 15 sec rest:

  • Knee lift on the spot
  • Wall Sits
  • Push-Ups (each at their own level)
  • Sit-ups (straight and/or oblique abdominals)
  • Bench jump
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Arm raises with water bottles
  • Planks (regular, or side)

1 minute per exercise in 4 equal groups.

  1. Abdominal exercise with ball in hand, at the same time raise your legs and touch the ball with stretched arms. Make sure they don't come up from their neck.
  2. 3 hoops and as fast as possible through the hoops.
  3. With backs against each other and give the ball over your head to the other.
  4. Jumping on a mat
  • The players start by throwing the ball over.
  • After throwing the ball, each player walks around the pawn to the other side.
  • One of the players then determines how the game is played and how the players move around the pawn.
  • The other players imitate this player.


  • calmly 5 laps
    • warm up,
    • arms swinging,
    • walk sideways on back lines,
    • knees up.
  • Getting the body and muscles ready for the work to be done.
  • For all the muscles, joints and body parts we need to play volleyball.
  • And of course physically and mentally

  • All get a ball and dribble down the hall.
  • On the sign of the coach:
    • Dribble only with the right hand
    • Dribble only with the left foot
    • Stand still with right foot in front and dribble left
    • Contra dribble and then sit down and stand up again while dribbling

To make the abdominal exercises more fun, I sometimes do the following exercise.

  • Have two players sit on the ground at about 2 meters from each other and let them pass the ball overhead.
  • Every time they play the ball they have to move their backs back towards the ground and come back up with their abdominal muscles when the ball is played to them again.
  • This will not always be a perfect game, but that is a good thing
  • If they have to play the ball next to them, they will also immediately use the oblique abdominal muscles
  • Make sure that you have some balls in your hand to give to them immediately when the ball rolls away, otherwise the intensity is too low.