Volleyball drills for warming-up

  • 2 sides spread over 3 meter line,
  • throwing the ball over the net to the next player,
  • after you throw up,
  • touch the back line and get back in position.
  • After a few minutes play overhand, then underarm.
  • After a while, choose your own position, but always play to the same person.
  • trainer throws the ball
  • Pass the ball to the trainer
    • player runs to the net,
    • makes an offensive jump,
    • goes under the net, makes a block,
    • then dives to the backline
    • Runs back in sprint
    • and connects at the back
    • Variation: running back with cross passes, etc.
    • Variation: trainer serves a quiet ball.
  • Order:
    • pass,
    • Player runs to the net and catches the ball,
    • Gives the ball to the trainer,
    • Runs to the backline,
    • Touch the backline and sprint back to the backline.
    • Variation: with overhand ball
  • 2 teams,
    • 1 with ball at the net,
    • 1 without ball behind backline flat on belly.
  • Attacker hits ball, defender defends on 7meter line,
    • Then short ball on 3meter line.
  • 3 times back and forth in a runner's stride
  • 3x back and forth in runner's stride with arms waving
  • 2x back and forth in side steps
  • 2x back and forth in cross stride
  • 1x back and forth heel strike
  • 1x back and forth lifting of knees

Cycle of core stability exercises. Plank, side plank, superman, standing superman.

To prepare the body and muscles for the work that needs to be done, for all the muscles, joints and body parts we need to play volleyball, physically and mentally.


warming-up-166condition and strength

- 4 to 5 players on the back line
- for A: push-ups10 x
- for B: attack run 5x
- for C: blocking 5x
- for D: sit-ups 10 x

Loosen ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, neck, wrists

Planks 10 sec, hip- cross over 10x, planks 10 sec, scorpion 10x, planks 10 sec, inverted hamstring 10x

Play fanatically

Assume 2 teams

Person 1 throws the ball over the net (width of the field) person 2 catches the ball, person 1 moves 2 steps sideways.

Person 2 throws in the ball and person 1 catches the ball. Person 2 now moves 4 steps, etc.

Variations: throw the ball on to the 3 meter line, throw the ball on to the 7 meter line and walk back to the 3 meter line, pass the ball on to the other person and the other person passes on the ball to him/herself and catches it.

  • Row 1 players ready to play ball
  • Row 2 players behind trainer with ball
    • Front pushes trainer ball in hand and joins row 1
  • Trainer throws the ball into the field and player from row 1:
    • Runs towards the ball, lets it bounce 1x, 1x OH and then catches it
    • Runs to the ball, lets it bounce 1x, 1x BH and then catch
    • Runs to the ball, let it bounce 1x, 1x OH, 1x BH and then catch
    • Runs to the ball, does not bounce, and touches it anyway : diving
  • Connect with ball in the back of line 2
  • High tempo and adapt to the player.