Volleyball drills for warming-up

To prepare the body and muscles for the work that needs to be done, for all the muscles, joints and body parts we need to play volleyball, physically and mentally.

warming-up-166condition and strength

- 4 to 5 players on the back line
- for A: push-ups10 x
- for B: attack run 5x
- for C: blocking 5x
- for D: sit-ups 10 x

Loosen ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, neck, wrists

Planks 10 sec, hip- cross over 10x, planks 10 sec, scorpion 10x, planks 10 sec, inverted hamstring 10x

Play fanatically


Assume 2 teams

Person 1 throws the ball over the net (width of the field) person 2 catches the ball, person 1 moves 2 steps sideways.

Person 2 throws in the ball and person 1 catches the ball. Person 2 now moves 4 steps, etc.

Variations: throw the ball on to the 3 meter line, throw the ball on to the 7 meter line and walk back to the 3 meter line, pass the ball on to the other person and the other person passes on the ball to him/herself and catches it.

  • Row 1 players ready to play ball
  • Row 2 players behind trainer with ball
    • Front pushes trainer ball in hand and joins row 1
  • Trainer throws the ball into the field and player from row 1:
    • Runs towards the ball, lets it bounce 1x, 1x OH and then catches it
    • Runs to the ball, lets it bounce 1x, 1x BH and then catch
    • Runs to the ball, let it bounce 1x, 1x OH, 1x BH and then catch
    • Runs to the ball, does not bounce, and touches it anyway : diving
  • Connect with ball in the back of line 2
  • High tempo and adapt to the player.

Variation 1: OH back line (in 1x)

Variation 2: BH back line (in 1x)

Variation 3: in threes


Make 2 teams of about 5 children. Each team stands on one side of the field. Place 5 balls on both 3meter lines.

When the trainer calls GO, everyone rolls the balls to the other side. Who has the least balls in their field after 3 minutes has won.


Each exercise (or choose a number) is done for 30 seconds followed by 15 sec rest:

- Knee lifts on the spot-
Wall sit and pass ball-
Push-Ups (each at their own level)
- Sit-ups (straight and/or oblique abs)
- Bench jumps-
Arm lifts with water bottles-
Planks (regular, or side)

On the start signal, players sprint to the 3m line, tap and shuffle backwards to the back line.

  • the intention is to get 3 in a row
  • 2 teams per game
  • 9 hoops in a square (3x3)
  • each team has 3 ribbons, each team its own color
  • the first of each team runs to the hoops and puts down the ribbon
  • quickly back and touch the next one
  • the first player who has no more ribbons (they are already in the square) can move a ribbon
  • the team that has 3 in a row first, has won.
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