Volleyball drills for warming-up

  • players in certain position, trainer calls START and players sprint 3 to 4 steps to a line/net
    • players in 'athletics start' position
    • players on their stomachs with head in running direction
    • players on their stomachs with feet in running direction
    • players on their stomachs with dominant hand stretched forward
      • at the start they roll over to the dominant side 1x, stand up and sprint

the intention is to bring the ball in pairs from one line to the other

  • You may only touch the ball with your feet.
  • if you have the ball between your feet, you may only turn, so do not slide
  • first one starts on the first line with the ball behind the line
  • who puts the ball on the other side first (no rolling over the line)
  • Hit the ball with dominant hand
    • loose open hand
  • let it hit the ground 2 times
  • then check with the other hand and hit again
  • now with 1x touch the ground

These exercises can be done in many variations.

  • 2 equal groups of 5 to 6
  • relay. so which group finishes first?
    1. speed ladder
    2. under 'mat on benches
    3. 10x skipping rope
    4. slalom through poles
    5. climb over a cupboard
    6. 3x push-ups
    7. 10x jump with 2 legs on bench
    8. touch the next one
    9. ATTENTION: to smuggle is to start over with the part (not the whole course of course)
  • Place the hats in a square with about 5 m between them.
  • Two players are the catchers, the rest move inside the square.
  • The 2 scapegoats can tap the other players with the ball. The catchers are not allowed to walk with the ball.
  • By throwing over the ball the taggers can tap the other players.
  • If you are tagged or move outside the square, you are out and you belong to the taggers.
  • everyone dribbles down the hall
  • Left, right
  • Same, but now you can hit the ball away from someone else.
  • when you have lost the ball, throw it 2x into the basket
  • start at the back line (or choose other lines)
  • tap 1 line to the front
  • back to the starting line -> touch it
  • 2 lines forward -> touch
  • 1 line back -> touch
  • 2 lines forward -> touch
  • etc
  • Walk slowly to the other side of the hall.
  • One player indicates with a "yes" that the other players have to do an assignment.
  • Another player gives the orders on the way back.
  • The exercises are:
    • Tap the ground
    • Turn around your own axis
    • Jump up
    • Walk backwards
    • Heels (6 times)

  • On your hands and feet, at the command backwards on your hands and feet
  • Start with short dribble step (tripplings) to field 2, then continue to knee lift (high tripplings), to field 3, then hop and stretch jump (stretching the body). Remember arms --> 2 times back and forth
  • Squats with arm swing, bend through the knees (weight back as if sitting on a chair) swing the arms down and as soon as you come back up with the arms, the body also comes back up to the toes.--> 10 times tempo, 10 times easy, 5 times super slow
  • Handwalk. Put the hand flat on the ground and walk as far as you can with your hands in front of you, walk back with the hands to below the shoulder, press up then walk with the feet to the hands


  • players stand opposite each other about 2-6 meter apart (players determine the distance)
  • player 2 hits the ball to player 1
  • player 1 passes the ball back
  • player 2 gives a set up to player 1
  • player 1 hits the ball
  • player 2 passes the ball back
  • player 1 gives set up
  • etc
player 1player 2