Volleyball drills for warming-up


Basket volley. 4 against 4 with 1 basket. Scoring by overhead throwing technique. Throwing over only. When scored, start again at the back line.

Rope ladders, 2 next to each other so 2 groups

  • In and out with 1 foot in each box
  • In and out with 2 feet in each box
  • Move sideways with short steps
  • 2 forward and 1 backward with 2 feet in each compartment

Trainer throws balls over the net and the player

- Catches the ball with arms stretched low and one knee on the ground

- Above the head

- On the knee and then catch

- On the shoulder and then catch

- Lying down and then dropping the ball on the buttocks

Skittles: 2 teams with a ball for each player. In each field stands a team and the net is the center line. In each field 3 or 4 pawns stand upside down in a row. The pawns must be knocked over. You roll them over so don't throw them. You can only hit the ball with your hands, if you hit the ball with your foot, you are out.

but instead of chairs, balls


they can choose for themselves

  • Backwards tag.
  • Split up the group and the catchers have to wear a ribbon.
  • And of course walk backwards, all the time and so do the taggers!

Jumping rope. 1 big rope and trainers turn.

  • Player in 1x jump and out again
  • Player in 3x jump and out again
  • Try to get 2 or 3 players in and jump 2x and then the front one goes out and someone comes in at the back.
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