Volleyball drills for warming-up

  • You start at the service point and run to the net,
  • there a 3 meter attack and as soon as you land you make a block.
  • Then you touch the 3 meter line and attack again with a block immediately after landing.
  • Then move sideways
  • and on the left outside block twice
  • and then turn around and dive to the backline.
  • 2 teams, 1 with ribbons and 1 ball and 2 mats.
  • You throw the ball over and are not allowed to walk with the ball.
  • You can score by smashing the ball on the mat from a throw up for yourself.
  • 1 team is wearing ribbons. 1
  • Throw the ball over for 0x and then you have a point.
  • You may not run with the ball or throw it back to the same person.
Backwards tag. The ticker has a ribbon and gives it to the person who is the next ticker. Group in 2 or more tickers
6 people with 3 balls and 1 ticker. The one who has no ball can be tagged.
2 teams with 1 ball and between them a hoop. Throw the ball for yourself and make a smash in the hoop. The other catches the ball. Throw high and both arms in the air! Back and forth. Same, only now who will be the first to make 10 good smashes and catches?

1 minute per exercise in 4 equal groups (about 4 per group).

  1. Abdominal exercise with ball in your hand. Lift your legs and touch the ball with your arms. Make sure they don't lift the ball from your neck.
  2. 3 hoops and as fast as possible through the hoops.
  3. With backs against each other and give the ball over your head to the other.
  4. Jumping on a mat
  1. 2 teams, 1 towel.
    • Trainer throws the ball over the net and
    • 2 catches the ball in the towel
    • Idem, but now the teams have
    • hands and form a circle and the ball is caught in that circle.
- In and out with 1 foot in each compartment - In and out with 2 feet in each box - 3 forward and 2 backward with 2 feet in each compartment - Standing on the side with 2 feet in each compartment