Volleyball drills for warming-up

  • One player throws the ball under the net,
  • so deep in the knees,
  • to the teammate
  • This player plays the ball underhand over the net to the team mate.
  • Play in pairs
  • Only underhand.
  • 1x for yourself and
  • 1x to the teammate.
  • etc

Players must think about the action to be performed

  • per line of players: 3 pawns and 3 hoops
  • Players move between the lines (variation)
  • after the last pylon, immediately exercise hoops (ladder)
    1. Calm walk - inside/inside, outside/outside.
    2. Faster pass - inside/inside, outside/outside.
    3. connecting pass - in hoop. high low
    4. Cross pass - 2 feet inside/2 feet outside
    5. sprint with turning around the pylon,
      • Face forward,
      • start on the right,
      • then start crossing to the left
      • inside/inside,
      • outside/outside
  • Pairs face each other.
  • Ball between them.
  • Players stand with their hands behind their backs.
  • As soon as BAL is called they try to grab the ball as fast as possible.
  • Who catches it first, wins.

The game is played with at least 4 players

  • 1 mouse who has a t-shirt or piece of cloth in the back of his trousers
  • 1 dog who has a tennis ball
  • 2 cats without attribute

  • the mouse runs around with the dog,
  • the cats try to grab the tail of the mouse and bring it to their cone
  • But the dog can tap the cat with the tennis ball and it will do a punishment of its choice in the camp.
  • If there are more players a group can be created and 2 games can be played together.

SIDE A: 4 persons

  • Net position 4
  • Net position 2
  • Corner position 1
  • Corner position 5

SIDE B: 5 persons

  • Net position 4
  • Net position 2
  • Corner position 1
  • Corner position 5 + reserve

Play to position and follow ball

  • Release
  • Hits
  • Pass in

Start corner position 1

  • 2 turns around field: normal
  • 2 turns around field: heels lift - long lengths
  • 2 turns around field: knees seat - long lengths
  • 2 turns around field: sideways - long lengths
  • 2 revolutions around field: dive - long lengths - at least 3 dives
  • In the field there are all sorts of obstacles, such as mats, hoops and cones.
  • The trainer walks in front along these obstacles, the children follow him.
  • Variation
    • The children walk in pairs along the obstacles.
    • They walk backwards.
    • They walk with sideways steps.