Volleyball drills for warming-up



Condition, Feet work, Standing still and Pass 


Group of 3. A player in the middle and two others on the outer sideline. 


  • Passer walks and shuffles backwards gives pass, turns, and shuffles backwards again for the next pass. etc...
  • Pass 15 balls and change after.

  • give each other the right arm and bend the knees to sitting position.
  • idem left arm


  • pairs shake hands crossed (see picture) and bend the knees to sitting position.


  • 3 to 4 players per side, positions: 4, 5 and a playmaker (if sufficient players, also defend on position 6 and 1) 
  • pass ball around
  • defend to playmaker, set up to position 4
  • pass to other players
  • after every ball that is too high, rotate position
  • start calmly with technical hit, and if this works, increase speed and difficulty.
  • communication is important so speak to each other and help each other if necessary. 
  • The purpose of the game is cooperation, and the emphasis is not on scoring.
  • Team of both sides field end line.
  •  enter the field in pairs. 
  • Trainer brings ball into the field and pairs have to try underhand to score with the other pair 
  • Winning the pair remains and lost pair joins the back of the line. 
  • Team with the least balls on the ground wins. 
  • Make trios with 1 ball
  • 2 players are at the net opposite each other.
  • The third player has the ball, and throws it above the net rim.
  • The two blockers will now duel 
  • Play with points and ranking within the team.

Goal: warming-up in trios by means of  a pepper (pass/set-up/attack) in which players need their attention and concentration.

  1. player B attacks on A, walks on, joins behind player A
  2. player A gives pass to C
  3. player C gives set up on A
  4. and again

  • Player A attacks on C, walks on, following the ball, and joins after player C...etc....


  • You can then still vary, 
    • walk on to pass and 
    • walk on after set up. 
  • The players have to keep thinking and find a new rhythm
  • tip: when a trio thinks it is too hard, let them name the action out loud... pass/setup/attack and on ....


Stretching the shoulder belt to prepare for volleyball movements.


Repetitions:In total, do 3 series of 5 repetitions. In between series, you take a few seconds rest.  


  • Stand with your back towards the net at half a meter, and place your feet at hip width.
  • Make yourself long with your hands above your head.
  • Make your back hollow with your arms reaching backwards and then touch the net with your finger tips.
  • Mildly stretch the front side of your breast and shoulders.
  • Do this in high tempo but controlled.

  In total, do 3 series of 10 repetitions. In between series, you take a few seconds rest.


Put the coordination ladder in the middle of the field.

Build up slowly, and players have to go as fast after each other as possible
through the ladder. But safe. If you see they follow each other too quickly, call the players yourself one by one.

Exercise 1
player 1 place both feet in one box but not at the same time, but 1 by 1.
So for example first left and right in box 1, and then left and right in box 2. And as fast as possible.

Exercise 2
Zigzag side-step
player 1 is standing next to the first box.
1 player puts right foot in the box and then left, then right foot out and left out.
2 then with left in box 2 followed by right
3. with left besides box 3, followed by right and then right in box 3 followed by left, and then right out the box again followed by left etc... until the end of the ladder

Exercise 3
In Out
player 1 puts the left foot in the first box and closes with right foot.
player 1 puts the left foot outside box 2 left of the box and right foot outside the 2nd box right of the box.
And back 1 by 1 in box 3, until the end of the ladder.


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