Volleyball drills for warming-up

  1. Lie down flat on the ground on your back, with your arms stretched to the sides.
  2. Pull up your feet until your legs are bent around 90 degrees. Let the heels of your feet rest on the ground.
  3. Bring your knees to the ground on the right side of your body. Keep your feet, torso, shoulders, and arms in contact with the ground.
  4. Then bring your knees to the ground on the left side of your body.
  5. Repeat these movements a number of times.


  • The players begin throwing the ball between them.
  • After throwing the ball, each player walks around the cone to the other side.
  • One of the players then determines how the ball is passed and in which way the players move around the cone.
  • The other players imitate this player.


  • 2 or 3 lines
  • trainer rolls the hoop
  • player is walking besides the hoop and touches, with the LEFT leg, the ground THROUGH the hoop
  • the hoop should roll on
  • if this succeeds, this can be done multiple times per roll.


  1. same for right leg
  2. walk in pairs besides the hoop
    • hoop in the middle
    • and than clap your hand IN the hoop (RL-RL)
  3. walk in pairs beside the hoop
    • transfer the ball UNDERHAND through the hoop
      • so sit low
  4. walk in pairs beside the hoop
    • the one gives the ball UNDERHAND through the hoop
    • the other transfers the ball ABOVE the hoop
    • next run reverse
  • trainer choses 4 (or 5) lines, and numbers them 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.
  • Everybody stands on the outer line
  • trainer calls out a line number, and everyone runs over there
  • repeat a number of times
  • At a given moment, the last to make the line is eliminated
  • until there is a winner
    • disadvantage is that the lesser runners will not improve, because they are eliminated first.

Each player has a ball and dribbles (right-left each time)  through the hall.

At the trainer's signal

  • Throw ball up, knee contact, catch
  • Throw ball up, head ball, catch
  • Throw ball up, play overarm, catch
  • Throw ball up, play overarm, head ball, catch
  • Throw ball up, play overarm, overarm, play overarm, catch


  • Throw ball up, right shoulder, catch
  • Throw ball up, left shoulder, catch
  • Throw ball up, right shoulder, left shoulder, catch
  • The trainer appoints 1-2 taggers, who have to tag the rest of the players.
  • If you have been tagged sit on a knee and raise an arm: the WC.
  • You can then free the other players by:
    • first, one of the players sits on your knee
    • then a player flushes by pulling your arm
  • Will the tagger(s) succeed in tagging all players?

3 rope ladders so 3 groups

  • In and out with both feet
  • The feet forwards on the outside, you bend your knees
  • Then you step in 1 box with your left foot, and with your right foot you touch your buttocks
  • In every box 2 feet
  • Hop sidewards 2 aside and 1 back
  • with two legs you hop sidewards, you bend your knees, and place your right foot behind your left foot
  • Wad of cotton relay race:
  • 2 (or more) groups competing with each other.
  • There is a wad of cotton for every group which has to be brought from the one side line to the other by means of a dive and 1x blowing.
  • You can start as soon as the person in front of you is lying on his belly.
  • Everyone 1 ball and stand on the side line
    • move to the other side line while playing the ball overarm.
  • Idem
    • 3x playing overarm
    • Clap in your hands
    • 3x controlling
    • etc
  • Idem
    • 3x playing overarm
    • touch the ground
    • 3x playing overarm
    • etc