Volleyball drills for warming-up

  • All team members line up and run in circles around the room.
  • Every time the trainer blows the whistle, the person in the back must run forward.
  • This continues until everyone has run forward once.
  • Individual exercise to improve ball feeling with one hand.
  • Each player has 1 volleyball, mini volleyball, tennis ball, juggling ball (or for advanced players a non round object; a light plastic container or light bottle for example, but can be used with anything).
  • The goal of the players is to keep the ball in the air by hitting it as many times as possible with only one hand.
  • Have the players count how many times they can do this per the 2 minutes per task.
  • Possible assignments:
  • - Underhand lobsmash
  • - Over your head
  • - Hit your leg afterwards with the hand you played with
  • - Clap your hands after touching them
  • - Lying down -> sitting -> standing (and back)
  • - Raising your knee/heel
  • - Against the wall
  • - In pairs one player under, the other over the net=
    Be creative! =
  • Possible exercise for several people. (see image)
  • One or more in the middle, the rest around it.
  • Setters play the ball somewhere around them, the rest have to make sure that the ball is returned to setters in X number of times.
  • Agree on how many times the ball can be played.
  • Exercise stimulates:
  • - Communication
  • - Reflexes
  • - Ball sense


The players choose a number combination and they do this warm-up:

  • 5 sit-ups
  • walk 5 revolutions
  • 5 pumps
  • lunges to the net
  • line tapping
  • knee lift back and forth
  • heel in the buttock
  • leapfrog
  • diving on the mat back and forth
  • Each player has a ball and dribbles down the hall.
  • At the sign of the trainer:
  • Throw ball up, head, catch
  • Throw ball up, knee, catch
  • Throw ball up, pass, catch
  • Throw ball up, pass, catch head
  • Throw ball up, pass, overhand, catch
  • Throw ball up, right shoulder, catch
  • Throw ball up, left shoulder, catch
  • Throw ball up, right shoulder, left shoulder, catch
  • Course:
  • Start at the ladder.
  • Shuffle to the middle of the net.
  • Make a block jump -> to the right and another block jump.
  • Slalom around the poles.
  • Shuffle around the pawns.
  • In the middle of the field there are a number of balls, less than there are players.
  • The players walk around the field (full field). As soon as the trainer calls BAL, they have to fetch a ball first.
  • Then they do an assignment: Pumping, sit-ups or frog-jump block (two times each). Everyone does this five times, those who don't have a ball do di
  • Warming up
  • Ground exercises
  • Set up in threes, chase the ball
  • A to C, C to B, B setuo to C, C to A, A to B, B set up to A etc.
  • Half of the team lined up at position 2.
  • Other half of the team with ball at position 5.
  • Just start throwing in and chasing the ball.
  • Extend with passing at position 5 and overhand at position 2.
  • Then expand further by adding exercises like blocking at the net, diving etc.
  • For fitness this is a good exercise:
  • The group has to line up and you let them start dribbling slowly.
  • As soon as the trainer blows the whistle, the last one in line should run forward.
  • Do this until everyone has run and then let them finish the circle.
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