Volleyball drills for warming-up

  • A starts with shuffle sideways, then on 3m line sideways,(B waits for A to start sideways)
  • Attack jump to the net,
  • sideways and on mid a block jump,
  • At the end of the game a block jump on both sides of the net,
  • 2x shuffle backwards to 3m line, attack jump,
  • Long shuffle to the backline,
  • back to the beginning 2x.


  • There are many variation possibilities,
  • In addition to all forms of movement (shuffle, sideways, backwards, running), diving and/or rolling forwards and backwards can also be included in the course.

Purpose of the exercise:
Improve out of system situations and communication

  • 3 players gather around the trainer and pass the ball.
  • Trainer holds the ball in front of him.
  • When all players have put their hands on the ball, the trainer throws the ball somewhere in the backfield.
  • Through communication and especially listening, it must be clear who plays the first, second and third ball.
  • What do you do as a striker in a difficult out of system situation, what do you want your strikers to do?
  • Is there a lot of risk in finishing or do you want to see controlled balls hit in various positions?
  • Go ahead and play as a trainer.
  • Very good exercises to repeat out of system situations.
  • Divide the team into four groups.
  • Each group gets an ace (hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs).
  • The rest of the cards are covered in the middle of the room.
  • The 4 groups stand in a corner of the room.
  • One player may walk to the center of the field, turn over one card and then return.
  • Only if the card has the same shape as your own ace, you may take it.
  • If wrong, the card must be covered and they return empty-handed.
  • In order to first collect all cards of the own figure.

3 persons on a 3 meter line behind each other.

  • Throw to each other
    • After the action: tap the back line
  • Top spin move under the net and make ball dead
    • After the action: block at position 2 - touch the back line
  • Top spin move over the net and play ball reception
    • After the action: block at position 2 - touch the back line
  • Control key
    • After the action: backline tap
  • Bottom hand - top hand
    • After the action: tapping the baseline
  • Direct key
    • No after action

  • Playing on a half field
  • Two teams: Team A and team B
  • Mat in the middle of the field
  • Team A starts:
    • One player hits the mat
    • The other players stand around the mat
    • Reception - pass - attack on the mat
      • Other team does the same
    • After each contact tap the net
    • Point made when other team cannot catch ball;
    • then other team starts attacking on the mat

Exercise for centre and corner: each player 10 times Per 2
- 1 group per 3

  • Person A with ball at the net - Person B on 5 meter line.
  • A passes ball to B
  • B plays ball back and comes forward in the meantime
  • A plays short tip ball to B and B plays back to A
  • A plays control ball
    • If too fast 2x control ball (= 3x keys)
  • B is meanwhile quickly backwards
  • A attacks to B and B plays back to A

Exercise for setter and libero - 5 times each part Referee's seat
: position 2 and position 4

  • Libero stands at position 3 and pass to 4 #forward
  • Libero stands at position 3 and pass to position 2
  • Libero leaves at 1 and pass to 4 #forward
  • Libero leaves at 5 and pass to 4 #backwards
  • Libero leaves at 5 and pass to 2 #forward
  • Libero leaves at 1 and pass to 2 #backwards
  • Learning the defense system
  • 1 side with 4: leave 1st time (= at net / 3M line)
  • Surplus on the other side.
  • Red/ blue throws the ball in nr PASPLEK.
  • Then the ball is passed to pos 2 or 3.
  • This player catches the ball and then makes an attacking run and throws the ball over.
  • Attacker who doesn't get the ball does AP + sliding dive to cart and takes new ball.
  • Side with 4 does the right moves.
  • Catch the ball --> position 1 runs in puts BH pass to position 4 --> plays over
  • 5 balls and turn over
  • Trainer brings the ball from the backfield into the centre.
  • The middle player of the trio must set it up directly to one of the other players.
  • Call who you are serving.
  • In this way, the 'non-attacker' can go directly under the net to defend the ball.
  • Once at the other side, a perfect attack is built up and a new trio is ready to defend this attack and turn it into a counter-attack.
  • If you win the rally, the trio counts its point, but the next round starts from the beginning.

  • 45" jump ropes
  • 20 straight abdominals
  • 45" skipping ropes
  • 20 oblique abdominals
  • 45" skipping ropes
  • 5 lunches left and right
  • 45" skipping ropes
  • 10 squats
  • 45" skipping ropes
  • 10 jumping squats
  • 45" skipping ropes
  • 10x pumps
  • 1' skipping ropes