What is yoursportplanner.com?

Yoursportplanner has been developed to create and store training sessions as simple and efficient as possible. For experienced and inexperienced trainers, with focus on recreational sports.

As soon as you receive your registration you will first receive a free subscription. You can then add unlimited exercises and training sessions or use exercises from others.

You can create a training session by choosing exercises. This can be existing exercises. You can also add exercises yourself. These training sessions and exercises are saved in your account. You can therefore see exactly 'next' season what training sessions you have used in 'previous' season(s).

As an exercise is chosen more often, or get more likes, the exercise gets a higher ranking, making it appear higher in the search results and thus can and will be used more often by others. So all users determine what is a good exercises and what's not.

If you add an exercise, we will check it. If we find it a suitable exercise we will make it public, so all other trainers can also use it. You can always use the exercise yourself. After all, it remains your exercise.

To further clarify your exercises, you can also create sketches using our drawing tool.