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  • At the back line, place a bin of balls.
    • The players start with a ball in their hand and run to the two hats closest to the net.
    • They stand still between the hats and try to throw the ball into the bucket from there.
    • Successful. Then they run back to the ball pit. Grab a new ball and run to the two hats in the middle to throw the ball into the bucket again from there.
    • Failed. Then they run back to the ball pit. New ball and try again on that level.
    • The one who completes the three levels first wins.
  • you lay down 9 hoops or baskets i a square. you divide the team into 2 groups and have them start from a number of meters. here they are given 3 pawns. the children have to walk to the hoops and put their given pawn in one of the hoops to get butter cheese and eggs. when all the pawns are gone they have to move the pawns.
  • Preparation:
    • Half Field.
    • Place hats on the back line with a tennis ball on top.
    • Place equal number of hats at the net.
    • Have the players run with the tennis ball to the overlying hat.
    • Have them put the ball down on the hat there for 2 seconds.
    • Pick it up again and run back to the starting hat.
  • there is 1 ticker and the rest have to try to grab the stretcher and eventually the tennis ball along 2 sides of the square if the ticker ticks you you have to put the stretcher back and try again
    - you can also make it increasingly difficult or easier
    e.g.: the one who is tapped out of game or make bigger square
  • Warm up exercise in relay form

    • Divide the players into groups of 2 or 3 players and place them on the left side of the field.
    • Give each player a tennis ball.
    • At the start sign, the 1st player of each group starts running to the other, right, side with a ball.
    • Once there, they put the ball outside the line and run back as fast as they can so that player 2 of their group can start running with his/her ball.
    • When all the balls are on the right side and the last player has returned to his/her group, it is over.
    • The first one back to his/her group wins.
  • you make 9 boxes with hats

    You divide the group into 2 teams, each team gets 3 vests and tries to make 3 in a row.
    if all the vests are already there the next player may move 1 vest at a time
    • Make 2 teams.
    • Each team stands ready on one side of the field on the back line.
    • Put as many balls as players on both the 3-meter lines.
    • When the trainer/trainer calls GO!, everyone starts rolling the balls to the other side.
    • Whoever has the fewest balls in their field after 3 minutes has won.
    • At trainer's signal, both players start sprinting.
    • Blue must run around first pawn and Red runs straight through to tap Blue.
    • Red becomes Blue and flips over.
    • Set up a playing field.
    • One person is the ticker, and must tick off everyone.
    • The other people have 2 balls at their disposal, which they can pass around.
    • You are not allowed to be tapped when you have the ball in your hands.
    • So when the ticker is running to someone, you have to throw the ball to this player.
    • You are not allowed to hold the ball endlessly.
    • All players are spread over the playing area.
    • One player starts as the "hunter" and one player as the "prey".
    • The "hunter" tries to catch the "prey".
    • The "prey" can escape by running away or lying down next to another player.
    • This player now becomes the "hunter" and the old "hunter" becomes the "prey".
    drawing Hunter & Prey
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