Create training sessions, share exercises.

You can easily create training sessions at Yoursportplanner. By using existing exercises or by adding your own exercises. All existing exercises are made by real trainers. Moreover, we offer you all kinds of useful functions that make your life as a trainer easier and more effective.

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Yoursportplanner One

With Yoursportplanner One you can create training sessions for one team. Read more about how this works and what benefits it has for you.

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Yoursportplanner One is made for you as a trainer. When using Yoursportplanner you will discover that it is very efficient and time-saving. By sharing knowledge and keeping everything in one place. Make everything available whenever you want.

Once you have registered, you can start making training sessions and use exercises. You can also add and use your own exercises. You can also create a team and add players, parents, assistant trainers, etc. to this team. Via the team dashboard you can then:

  • Manage games
  • Manage Team calendar
  • Manage driving schedule
  • Search for exercises or add your own.
  • All team members get a link to view the team-dashboard. With the team calendar, the games, trhe driving schedule and other team related issues.
  • All team-members (without a login code) gets also a personal link to view their own personal dashboard.

If you're excited about our platform, please register your team now and discover all the benefits of Yoursportplanner One. It's free!

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