What is Yoursportplanner.com and how does it work?

Are you always looking for a handy way to create, edit, save and find your training? Matthijs Post, owner of Crecca web development and father of three volleyball children, ran as a starting trainer (VT2) and coach every week to look for exercises to a create meaningful training. Post was convinced that he was not the only one who needed an online platform to create training and share exercises. This was the beginning of Yoursportplanner.com.

After a lot of research on the needs of clubs and individual trainers, Yoursportplanner.com has emerged. On this website you will find a continuously growing database of exercises for and by trainers.

Explanation and Instructions

With Yoursportplanner.com you can easily create and save training sessions. Use exercises from other trainers or add and save your own exercises.

Look here for explanation and further instructions