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We are going to overpass between 2 pillons.
  • Push.
  • Flats.
  • Stroke -if it goes well-.
Points of attention:
  • Hands apart when stopping.
  • If stopping goes well then stop high.
  • Push first then increase distance for Flats.
  • The ball starts at the player to 1.
  • The player at 1 chooses one of the three gates and wants to run through it.
  • The defender at 2 may close a gate by standing in it.
  • As a result, player 1 must make choices to go into an open gate.
  • When player 1 walks through a gate, he does the same at the second row of cones, does the defender take the ball away? Then he gets to finish the course by himself.
  • When you have passed through the two rows of gates, you may finish on goal.
  • A starts with the ball and passes the ball to B.
  • B passes the ball back to A.
  • A takes the ball open and plays the ball to C.
  • B runs through and gets the ball wide from C.
  • From then on it is a 3 against 2: B, C, D against the 2 defenders.
    • When the defenders intercept the ball they score at the goalmouth on the side

Warm up for speed and agility.
  • Exercise first without ball and then with ball.
Practicing the Indian dribble.
Points of attention:
  • Turn stick with left hand.
  • Lower hand loose as a quiver.
  • Watching the ball and watching where you run.
Focus areas:
  • Maintaining speed in the game.
  • Taking selfpass at pace, creating space.
  • Overtime situation finishing on goal.
Taking the ball out at the orange pawns. 
Alternate left and right.
Defense is blue ---> set up left and set up right. 
Alternately set up attack right and left.

  • 2 defenders in blue. These slide along to the left and right according to where the attack takes place:

    • Situation A attack over left.
    • Situation B attack over right.
  1. Choose 1 warm-up exercise from the warm-up exercises.
  2. Flats out of the run:
    1. Drive the ball toward the pawn.
    2. Get them to shoot the ball at the goal with flats. Do this without stopping the ball. 
      If this is still too difficult, have them stop the ball first.
  3. Loafing:
    1. Put 1 player in the middle and 3 players at the pawns.
    2. They are going to pass to each other.
    3. The player with the ball must always have 2 passing options.
    4. So other players should run to the other pawn so that those play-off opportunities are there.
      Start with that the loafer can only intercept the ball if a pass is given, then 
      you can also have the loafer take the ball away if a player gives the ball.
  4. Play a match.
  1. Choose 1 warm-up exercise from the warm-up exercises.
  2. Attack over right:
    1. A pushes the ball to the in-running B.
    2. B floats around the pawns with the ball on the stick.
    3. A has run on and gets the ball back from B with a push.
    4. A scores in the goal.
  3. Push out of the run:
    1. 1 player floats forward with the ball.
    2. Push the ball when she reaches the pawn, without stopping the ball.
    3. B takes the ball from A and does the same again.
    4. A connects behind B
  4. Match.

  1. Choose 1 warm-up exercise from the warm-up exercises.
  2. Push straight from the run:
    1. A starts with the ball and floats around the pawn and push the ball to B.
    2. B does the same on the other side and push back to A.
      Keep repeating.
  3. Take on frontally and turn away:
    1. A starts with the ball and push the ball to the running-in B.
    2. B takes the ball head-on.
    3. Then turns away and accelerates to the goal and scores with en flats.
  4. Play a match.
Necessary materials
  • 2 x Bal
  • 1 x Doelen
  • 7 x Pionnen
Total duration training:
60 min .
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