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  • Conditioning in combination with stick and Ball
    • A: sprint from 1 to 2
    • B: perform rope ladder as per 5 exercises below
    • C: take ball around the hat and finish on goal
    Note: if no rope ladders available then hats down

    Points of attention:
    • Pay attention to your predecessor.
    • Outside back.
    • Exercise must be done at pace.
    • two foot run -one foot in each box.
    • Ladder Taps -right foot in each square, left foot outside.
    • Two foot lateral run -sideways both feet in a box.
    • Skiers.
    • Squat Hops.
    drawing Conditional rope ladders
    • Attacker on the ball runs up and does a reverse.
    • Passes to attacker 2.
    • 2 vs. 2 starts.
    drawing Reverse and 1 versus 1
  • Exercise:
    • Player Blue stands between the four pawns and plays player Red firmly -hard push.
    • Player Blue keeps eye contact with player Red and chooses position left or right between the pawns.
    • Player Red plays the ball firmly back to Blue's chosen position -attack position.
    • Player Blue accepts open and then finishes on goal.
    • Players Blue and Red stand with straight backs and bent legs on the ball of the foot. In the 'starting blocks'.
    • Stick just slightly above the knees.
    • Player Blue takes open first at both attack positions on the forehand, then on the backhand, then alternately.
    • For 1st year D players, it is recommended that the trainer take the role of player Red in the beginning.
    • As confidence grows, and effectiveness, players can assume the role of Red.
    drawing Open assume and finish
    • Make 2 equal teams.
    • Each team gets an attacking goal.
    • Rights to score can be fetched in 1 of the 2 boxes.
    • On offense or ball loss, rights must be retrieved again.
    drawing Warm-up ball possession high tempo
    • Focused pass giving and receiving.
    • Center player focus on accepting, handling ball and passing on.
    Points of focus:
    • In the forehand
    • High stop
    • Speed ball -width of field serve.
    Extension exercise: middle player runs in and asks for the ball, accepts and turns around, passes the ball runs back quickly and offers again.
    drawing Passing in 3-pairs
    • One ball per pair.
    • Pairs are instructed to pass through as many gates as possible in 2 minutes.
    • A gate is completed when you pass the ball three times.
    drawing Passing gates
  • Goal:
    • Taking out over the side
    • Build up over the flank
    • Get to the back line and then pass to goal
    Points of attention:
    • Playing the ball into the forehand.
    • Moving behind the ball.
    1. Player plays the ball hard through push 1 ==> 2 runs directly after her/his pass
    2. Flattens the ball hard over long distance 2 ==> 3
    3. Drives the ball to the back line and passes to 4
    4. Takes to round at pace on goal
    drawing Take out - Construction - Attack
    • A runs around the pawns with the ball and pushes to B
    • B passes to C
    • C drives around the pawns into the circle and passes to B who has run into the circle
    • Defender D comes into action B and C try to score
    Option 1: Extra defender and A attacks with him.

    drawing Impact over left with dribble
    • A pushes to B
    • B passes to C
    • C drives around the pawns into the circle
    • C rounds on goal
    Option 1: B runs into the circle and gets the ball from C and rounds on goal.

    Option 2: additional player D stands at the second post and tips in.

    drawing Impact over left
    • A plays the ball to B
    • B plays the ball to C
    • C plays the ball to D
    • D dribbles into the circle and finishes on goal
    drawing Assumptions for 2 touch field hockey

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