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  • Exercise with different lift pass
  • A runs towards the bar and well a lift over the bar and gives a pass to B
  • B runs towards the ball and gives a lift pass to A.
  • A runs through to receive the ball from B
  • A gives a hard flick towards C.
  • C comes in front of the bar and lifts the ball in a move over the bar and accelerates to the circle.
  • C takes the ball on the stick into the circle, lines it up and finishes on goal.

  • Practicing putting down the press
  • How do you do this and why do we do it this way?
  • A, B and C are going to try to score in the small goal on the center line,
  • The other three are going to set up the press, explain how they have to stand up and how to run at it to make sure they cannot go back and you can double them to conquer the ball.
  • When they have taken the ball away, they can finish on the goal.

  • The ball starts at A
  • B comes running in the direction of the circle
  • A gives a liftpass over the bar to B
  • B takes the ball in front of him so he can take the ball with him and runs into the circle
  • B lines up the ball and completes on goal

  • Party form with small teams
  • Goal communication
  • Talking to each other and daring to put each other in the right place.

2 exercises in 1

Exercise 1: one touch scoring
  • A runs in towards the goal gets the ball from B who shoots it hard and flats at the goal.
  • A tips the ball in with a one touch.
  • A turns at the same time and receives the ball from C who also flattens hard towards the goal.
  • A tips the ball in with a one touch
Exercise 2: game 3 against 3
  • Play a game 3 against 3 against each other.
  • Tips for attackers
    • Make the field big when you have the ball
    • Make triangles to reach each other easily
    • Over the backhand side of the opponent
    • Make use of the lift pass
    • Make sure you can always return the ball
  • Tips for the defenders
    • All stand behind the ball
    • Push them to your forehand side (think about how you will stand up)
    • Try to double them up and trap them
    • You can always return the ball

Two different exercises

Exercise 1: 1 against 1
  • Make sure you stand firm
  • Let the ball do the work
  • Practise actions
  • Try to go over the backhand side (as attackers)
  • Close the backhand side (as defender)
Exercise 2: practising lift pass
  • You slalom between the cones.
  • Trainer calls backhand or forehand
  • You make a lift pass with the backhand or forehand and then finish on goal

Lazy 3 on 1
  • Tip attackers:
    • Pass, speed high
    • Look where you are playing to
    • Play easy ball
  • Tip defenders:
    • Close down the backhand side
    • Stand in between the pass lines
    • Waiting for mistakes from opponents
    • Practice penalty corner attacking
Ball possession by starting in 4 teams then widening the field to 2 teams

  • Tips:
    • Pass over the backhand side of the opponent and into the forehand of your team-mate
    • Stick to and defend a player when you are not in possession of the ball
    • Communication with your team mates
    • Trapping an opponent with his 2nd

  • A starts with the ball
  • B comes running in the direction of A.
  • A gives a hard angled pass to B, B takes the ball with a lift and moves with it
  • B gives a deep ball to C who is ready to receive the ball and in one go takes it to the back line.
  • C receives the ball and accelerates over the back line to give a 90 degree pass to A who has run on to the front circle.
  • Set up exercise on 2 sides

5 against 3.

  • A passes the ball to B, B passes the ball to C.
  • When C has received the ball the 5v3 starts.
  • Tips attackers:
    • Keep speed
    • Always return the ball
    • Pass over the backhand side of the opponent
    • Keep the field wide and long
    • Communicate with each other
    • Use the in-out to receive the ball
  • Tips Defenders:
    • Close the gap
    • Close down pass lines to the front
      • Make sure they have to keep playing backwards
    • Communicate with each other
    • Keep them outside the circle (if they enter the circle, the pressure is on the ball)
    • If it is too difficult for the defenders let a tackle back runner join in

Necessary materials
  • 2 x Bal
  • 1 x Doelen
  • 7 x Pionnen
Total duration training:
60 min .
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