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  • To make the run-throughs a little more fun, we'll make it a contest!
    • You put a number of baskets in a circle with one passer on each occasion.
    • There are also more players than baskets in the middle
    • Every run through counts for 1 point
      • If you score a run-through, you take your turn
      • If you miss the follow-through, you and the server swap positions
    • The first player to score 6 points wins. Number of points to be determined on what the players can do.
    • you can do different sizes of baskets and give them a different score
      • for example an archer basket counts for 2 points
  • Objective:
    • A combination of moving, passing and shooting
    • An easy exercise to teach a pull away ball
    • The player at the post pulls away, gets the ball and shoots.
      Directions you can give:
      • all in quick succession
      • good tight pass
      • do not pull away right behind the post, difficult for a good pass
    • The passer goes to catch the ball and there is a change of position
    • The catcher may shoot 1 more time himself if he/she catches the ball without colliding
    • In threes or twos to the basket.
    • There is constantly 1 person working for 1 minute, ideally 2 people for the rebound.
    • There are pawns/slip dots in a square around the basket, about 4 meters apart.

    • Player 1 starts at the first pawn, walks in for a through ball.
    • Then walks out to the second pawn and takes the shot there.
    • Goes to the third pawn and makes another through ball there etc.
    • After 1 minute it is the next player's turn.
    drawing Conditioning Exercise
    • The focus in this exercise is angles running, many players run in corners, making it easy for opponents to keep up.
    • The idea in this exercise is to force angular running lines. A lot of explosiveness is required from the players, so the exercise is quite tough.
    • Place 4 markers in front of the basket, angled towards the basket about 3/4 meters away. A declarer stands under the basket and player goes x number of goals/minutes/actions running lines using the markers.
      • Multiple combinations are possible. Should there be a third player, he/she can rest or possibly do a strength exercise such as Jumping-jacks, sit-ups, planking.

    • Start pawn behind -> forward -> left -> right -> player comes to shot.
    • Start pawn in the back -> forward -> to the right -> to the left -> player makes a shot
    • Start pawn in the back -> forward -> to the right -> to the left -> to the right -> player reaches shot
    • Start pawn in the back -> forward -> to the left -> to the right -> to the left -> player reaches shot
    • Start pawn in front -> To the back -> To the left -> To the right -> Player makes a shot

    • You can possibly extend the exercise with a long line, through a marker 3/4 meters behind the basket. After a running combination, above, the player runs to the back and takes a shot. Mirrored is also possible.
    drawing Explosive swerve
    • We work in threesomes
    • Two players under the post and one halfway up the box.
    • Play the ball forward and sprint after it.
    • The player in front throws the ball to the second player under the post and runs sideways.
    • The ball is placed on the running player and he/she shoots.
    • Under the post is caught and the shooter there becomes second player.
    • We score 10x left turn and 10x right turn.
    • The pace of the exercise should be high to reach competition level.
    drawing Shot after lateral movement
  • You stand in pairs on a pole
    • 1 in front of basket at shot distance
    • 1 player is rebounder/forward
    The rebounder gives a pass to the attacker standing at shot distance.
    • if the rebounder can catch the ball without it colliding he may shoot
      • if the ball bounces first, the shooter can continue playing
    • this way all players play against each other to score 5 points for the fastest score.
    • Children learning to walk lines
    drawing Up and down
    • 1 = 1 through ball
    • 2 = 5 distance shots
    • 3 = 3 rounds of running
    • 4 = 1 reverse shot
    • 5 = 5 short chances
    • 6 = 5 push ups
    Teams of 2 to 3.

    You start with a common number. For each task you complete, you get 1 point. Some finish earlier than others, so they roll the dice right away. Thus the children all have to do different tasks in the end.

    • Attacker and defender ready for the post. Offender under the post with ball.
    • Defender moves up post.
    • Play 1 x 1 until attacker has scored 1 time. Defender always tries to be there.
    • The post of the defender who got the goal against gets penalty.
    • Defender goes back to own post.
    • Passing
    drawing 1 x 1 with defender
    • Start with 1 leg in the ladder, other leg in the ladder and then next to it the legs alternately out. Rhythm in-in_out-out.
    • A defender walks backwards in the opposite direction. After the ladder, take a through ball.
    • Jump forward over the hurdle with both legs and then sideways over the other hurdles, make a sideways move to the right, get the ball and score.
    • Go through the speed ladder with a ski move, at the end get the ball and shoot directly.
    • 2 hat forward, 1 hat back, make a run-through move, get the ball and play the declarer, who steps out.
    • 5 sprint back and forth between the two hats 2x, make a penalty throw.
    We work with 3 or 4 teams and each exercise lasts 4 minutes.
    drawing Shot and core stability circuit

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