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    • Take 5 walk-through balls.
    • Go zigzagging through the first 4 hats.
    • Then turn left and run forward with two feet between each hat each time.
    • At the end turn around and then run all the way across with two feet.
    • At the end back to the middle.
    • Finally, zigzag through the last 4 hats and take a through ball in full sprint.
    • Do this same exercise again but then move toward the basket sideways forward and backward through the hats, the transverse side is again short strides.
    • Again take and/or score 5 through balls.
    drawing walking ladder exercise with hats
  • These exercises over a maximum of 20 meters, at stop exercise 3 stops.
    • Side jump, as fierce as possible push off on left or right leg and away on 1 leg - side feint/ swerve
    • Cross-over side jump, find balance after each stride. Left and right.
    • Walk forward with stop, standing completely still.
    • Backward slide with sometimes left front and sometimes right front. Can be done on command.
    • Side hopping with connecting feet.
    • Walking backward.
    • Players line up on one side, in the middle a skipper.
    • The skipper gets to decide how the players cross over to the other side.
      • For example, in a frog jump or hopping.
    • Everyone does this including the skipper.
    • The skipper tries to tap as many children as possible.
    You as the trainer start as the first skipper to set the example.
    drawing Skipper may I sail across?
    • 1 player stands under the basket.
    • The shooter stands approximately 3/4 meters in front of the basket.
    • The shooter moves to the right and receives the ball on the outside hand.
    • Quickly stands properly for the shot and shoots from balance, this must be done quickly.
    • In the beginning this exercise still on two legs, possibly to 1 leg.
    • After the ball is caught, the player moves to the left and everything repeats itself.
    • Maximum of 5 shots per person and then switch.
    drawing Warm up ball control and shooting
  • Goal of exercise:
    With 4 players bring the ball to the hoops.
    Trainer throws the ball into the field.

    • Opponents make free running difficult, but have hands on back.
    • The opponent defending around the player with the ball may use hands. The others don't.
    • Opponents try to intercept the ball and try to score.
    Regularly correct on free running, speed up, directional changes, long pass instead of short, find space if corner is stuck.
    Also be careful not to play over the basket and keep the space in front of the ball empty.
    drawing Practice on working out
  • Setup:
    • In pairs, place the players in a row facing the wall.
    • Per pair 1 tennis ball.
    • Player 1 stands closest to the wall and begins the exercise by throwing the ball against the wall.
    • Player 2 catches the ball.
    • Player 1 meanwhile runs back through the right side and then catches the ball that player 2 just threw against the wall.
    • Repeat at least 20 times.
    • Make the exercise more difficult by having the ball caught in a hat.
  • Preparation:
    • Half Field.
    • Place hats on the back line with a tennis ball on top.
    • Place equal number of hats at the net.
    • Have the players run with the tennis ball to the overlying hat.
    • Have them put the ball down on the hat there for 2 seconds.
    • Pick it up again and run back to the starting hat.
    • 2 players per post.
    • 1 player is going to shoot, short around the basket.
    • 1 player is going to run.
    • You place about 5 hats at certain distances in front of the basket.
    • The player running must place them near the basket as fast as possible.
    • The shooter must score as many as possible before the runner finishes.
    • Then you switch positions and see who wins.
    drawing Combination work
    • One pole per 2 players.
    • Per pole a player in support and a worker standing 7 meters in front of the pole.
    • The player in front of the post gets a -force- exercise, immediately after that he takes a run-through.
    • If he scores, then calmly walk back to the center.
    • If he misses it is a sprint to the center.
    • X number of exercises and change.
    drawing Walk-through ball boot camp
  • Explanation
    • Put a basket in each corner of the field.
    • At each basket, one player stands with a ball.
    • The remaining four players stand in the middle of the field.
    • 1 player is attack, three players are defender.
    • The defenders must defend the four baskets together.
    • The attacker tries to score a goal within 25 seconds.
    • After every 25 seconds it is a new attacker's turn.
    • When there are more than 8 players, rotate through.
    drawing Find the free basket

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