On Yoursportplanner.com you can make trainings easy and fast. Furthermore, you can both add your own exercises or use existing ones. Below this are a few selected exercises.
: Two (or three) players per post. One player with ball in front of the basket at 7 meters.

  • The player under the basket pulls away
    • The ball is thrown to him (if the set-up is right, he receives the ball a bit diagonally).
    • The player in front of the basket comes next to him.
    • And makes a shot.
  • Same as above
    • Only now the player in front of the basket comes alongside again.
    • And makes a through ball from the space without the ball.
  • Same thing,
    • Only now there is no walkthrough,
    • But there is a threat for the walkthrough.
    • And the player without the ball runs long (away from the puller and parallel to the basket)
    • And takes the shot.
  • same,
    • Only now the shooter runs long again
    • And after walking the long line, comes through for the walkthrough ball without the ball.
Correcting for
: Shooting the right leg, shooting in line with the basket, good placement, shoulder to the basket when shooting
Play on 1 basket 3 (+1) against 3.

The extra attacker may not give initial support. From the rebound, the attacker is allowed to give a full attack.

The 3 attackers have to create chances by playing together. There is always an extra attacker, so make sure they focus on the shot.
The difficulty is that the attackers have to create enough bonding, otherwise they will definitely collapse to catch the rebound.

Goal attackers:
  • Making sure they can get free and shoot.
  • Which pass do I play and when?
  • What do I do if I don't get free? Emphasis on functional running.
  • What do I do when a fellow attacker shoots?
Goal defenders:
  • Make passing difficult
  • Take away lines, where can my attacker go?
  • Intercept pass (defend with the whole team)
  • Concentrated defence 1-1
  • Try to choose the moment to steal the rebound.
Swap roles after 2 minutes. Also swap with the regular attacker.
3 attackers of which 2 with (passive) defender in front court (around the basket) and rebounder with defender under the basket:
  1. Getting out of the passing to shot (what lines do I run when the shot is taken?).
    1. Attacker without a defender plays the assist.
  2. In between in support, which of the 2 attackers do I choose? And where do I take my second chance (attacker without defender is support).
  3. After 2-2 again to 3-1.
    1. Bringing in intermediate support again.
    2. Rebounder goes out to chance.
    3. Support turns to rebound.

  • The blue lady under the post passes a through ball to the front of the basket.
  • The red lady from the right catches the ball and hands it to the red lady from the opposite side.
  • Then the blue lady at the back of the pile intercepts and passes the ball to the first attacker.
  • In this exercise blue and red are walking the same line.
Which of these two teams will score first 25 x
  • The ball is played into the support.
  • The taker feints to the left and pulls away to the right.
  • She receives the ball and shoots from that sideways movement.
  • The shot is caught by the third lady
    • She passes to the first attacker, who has run forward
    • Who plays in and pulls away to the left, after feinting.
  • The first shooter makes the catch.
Make 20 goals per team of 3
  1. Number 1 starts at about 4/5 meters in front of the basket, this is the shooter.
  2. Number 2 starts under the basket, this is the rebounder who is going to block.
  3. Number 3 starts in the space around the basket and will also try to rebound, but then from space.
  4. Number 2 is going to try to block number 3.
  5. The first player to win 3 rebounds, can start shooting.
Jumping exercise with 9 cones.
  • You sprint back and forth between 2 cones.
  • 30 seconds
  • 15 seconds rest
  • 30 seconds
  • 30 seconds rest
  • 30 seconds
  • Then take penalty throw directly
  • 1 person stands up from above
  • one person on the rebound.
  • the other person is going to run a long line and take a shot.
  • You walk a long line.
  • The rebounder steps out
  • The attacker gives the pass to the inside.
    • Makes a run-in.
4 pylons each 4 meters apart.

General condition warm up
All exercises 2x
  • Gait
  • Heels/Buttocks
  • Lift the knee
  • Swing arms
  • Close stride
  • Cross pass

Extended condition warm up
Every exercise 2x
  • Run with change of direction.
  • Cross pass to the front.
  • 2 in front 1 behind.
  • Ins & outs.

Dynamic exercises
  • Legs stretched, hands to the ground and up.
  • Legs stretched diagonally and then come up.
  • Throw your feet up.
  • All 4 elbows touching the ground and turn to air.
  • Squat to lateral squat.
  • Quick pass to open up.
  • Quick pass to the inside.
Core exercises
  • Plank
  • Plank + hip swing
  • Mountain climbers
  • Russian twist
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