Korfball drills for all skills


  • Player 1 is the attacker
  • Player 2 is the receiver
  • Player 3 is the forward
  1. Player 2 starts with the ball, who throws it to player 3 and then immediately runs to the basket, taking the catch.
  2. Player 1 runs simultaneously to the middle of the field where player 3 throws the ball back to player 1.
  3. Player 3 immediately runs to the short where the one becomes the server.
  4. Player 1 immediately throws the ball back to player 3 who is now under the basket.
  5. Player 1 makes an in out shot.
  6. 5-10 goals.
  • Run over two hurdles and then make a through ball 10x overhand, 10x underhand and 10x with 1 hand.
  • Start on the left side of the hurdle and move to the right behind the hurdle, then move forward and back to the left, then move forward and quarter to the right score 10x.
  • Then do this the other way around; score 10x
  • Put the hurdles 5 meters apart, move to the left, jump over the hurdle and get the ball at the same time, come down, jump up and shoot at the same time, then to the right score 20x .


Exercise 1
  1. start facing the ladder.
  2. jump through all the squares with the left leg.
  3. at the end of the ladder be jeep full speed.
  4. 3x with the left foot and 3x with the right foot.
Exercise 2
  1. face the ladder and step into the ladder with left foot and join right.
  2. step with left foot next to the ladder, with right foot in the air.
  3. put right foot in next compartment and join left.
  4. step right out of compartment and keep left foot up.
  5. put left foot in next box and join right.
  6. 3x through the ladder.
Exercise 3
  1. jump with your right foot next to the ladder and then hop with that same right foot into the first square, a quarter turn to the left.
  2. jump with left foot, a quarter turn to the right next to the next square and then hop a quarter turn in the ladder.
  3. Continue like this until the end of the ladder 2x.
Exercise 4
  1. start with right side to the ladder and jump into the first square.
  2. jump with both legs sideways to the next compartment with a 180 degree turn.
  3. continue to the end of the ladder 2x.
Exercise 5
  1. start facing the ladder and put left foot to the left of the ladder and right foot to the right of the ladder.
  2. then put left foot in ladder and join right.
  3. then one compartment further left outside the ladder and right outside the ladder.
  4. then back into the ladder.
  5. 2x start with the left and 2x start with the right.
Any number of pips on the die is an exercise. Work in pairs or 3-pairs if necessary.

  1. Series of 5 penalty throws.
  2. 10 squats with medicin ball and 20 x overthrows at 5 meters.
  3. 15 walk-through balls.
  4. 5 envelope runs 20x middle pawn.
  5. 15x scoring 4 meters.
  6. 10x scoring >6 meters.
Two posts at >10m; two balls; under each post 3 players; player 1 to the right of the basket, players 2 and 3 to the left: other post idem 4 to the right 5 and 6 to the left.

As a warm up first with low intensity. Then increase the intensity. With pairs you are the first one after the shot. Pay attention.
  1. Player 1 moves the ball across to 5 and passes it to the other side; keep score up to x. 5 catches the ball and moves to the right of the basket etc.
  2. Ditto players turn half way whole round around each other. Then through ball
  3. Idem with away ball
  4. Announcer pulls away to the right. Shooter too. So long passes. Forward rushes back to catch.
  1. Go sideways through the ladder with two feet always in each step 2x left and 2x right
  2. Stand in front of the speed ladder and step left into the ladder and then right into the ladder, then left out and right out and then again in 3x
  3. Stand in front of the ladder and jump with 2 feet into the ladder turning at right angles, then left out and left in, then right out and right in etc. 3x
  4. Stand in front of the ladder and step left and then right next to the ladder, then on the same step left/right into the ladder, then out again 3x
  5. Stand in front of the ladder, step left next to the ladder, then right next to the ladder one space, then left again, etc. 3x


5 hurdles about 5 meters from the wall and 50 cm apart.
  1. Stand in front of the hurdle facing the hurdles and with knees slightly bent, go sideways through the hurdles 2x counterclockwise and 2x clockwise
  2. Stand sideways in front of the hurdle, jump over the hurdle and accelerate to the wall. Accelerate on the jump leg. 2x counterclockwise and 2x clockwise
  3. Jump over the hurdle, pull your knees up as high as possible and when coming down jump immediately. Everything on the front feet. 2x
  4. Hop over the hurdle, stand still for a moment and jump to the next hurdle. 2x left and 2x right
  5. Find balance. Walk over a line and tap the ground behind the hurdle with the toes of the outer foot. 2x left and 2x right
Player 1 places the ball to player 2 and runs to the post for the catch.

Just before taking that position, the player feints and steps out to the back/side or forward.
If the player steps to the back/side, he gets the ball and shoots. Steps forward, gets the ball and plays it right back, allowing the 2nd player to shoot.

The catch in these cases is completed from space by two others.



Pairs per basket; one passer and one shooter.

  • After 5 shots switch positions.
  • If you hit, you get 2 points, if you miss, you lose one point.
  • Which pair will score 20 points first.


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