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  • In this game 2vs1 is played in two squares
  • The two squares are split by a strip in which an attacker and a defender start

  • The attacker must be played into this lane by his/her team-mate who dribbles into it
    • The defender tries to prevent this
  • The attacker who is played into the lane can rebound or turn on the ball
  • The defender in the box is only allowed to defend in the box and in the front part of the pitch
  • The defender in the second box may only defend there
    • In this way, getting free in a small space, shielding the ball, rebounding under pressure, opening up under pressure and playing out a 2vs1 situation are trained
  • When the defenders take the ball away, the 2vs1 situation changes into a 2vs2 situation and everyone can come into all the squares
    • The defenders can then make a point by scoring in the opponent's goal
Organization :
  • Set out a 6-corner (see diagram)
  • 2 goals (small one without goalie, other one with goalie) 8 handball players (red), 2 teams of 6 players (depending on the people present)
Explanation :
  • We play a game 6 vs 6 +1 neutral player if there are an odd number of players.
  • 8 players each on 1 side along the hexagon
  • Handball maximum 1 time, no passing to each other, only to the players in the central area.
  • When the ball is out, trainer lets play resume somewhere in the game, can also be to goalkeepers,...
Coaching :
  • Let the form do its work
  • Quick changeover
  • Make your own choices about the rules of play applied, according to the objective (e.g. oblige to have been on the 2 sides, so turn over, maximum 2 times in neutral shape,...)
Exercise to change sides, practise taking the ball and turning it on.
  • A square is set out with a hat on each corner
  • In the middle comes a 5th hat
  • The player on the top right plays to the top left (1)
  • From the top left to the middle (2)
  • From the middle to the left bottom (3) From the left bottom to the right bottom (4)
  • From the bottom right to the middle (5)
  • and from the middle back to the starting position (6)
  • Players follow the ball
    • Go around
  • Tight fit
  • Take it well and open up!
  • 2 lines about 10 metres outside the 16-metre area
  • On the edge of the 16 meter zone, 2 more players stand in line with the rows next to a pops/large pawn
  • The player in one line plays the ball wide to the first player of the other line
  • He passes the ball crosswise to the player on the edge of the 16-metre area
  • He walks away from his defender (pawn)
    • Makes sure he stands open and shoots at the goal
  • Two small goals against each other.
  • Two players stand at center spot and under goal.
  • Players on side dribble to square and pass to opposite player.
  • Players do this simultaneously.
  • Passed player (under goal and at centre spot) takes over and immediately tries to score on small goal.
  • Passed player immediately engages in a duel to defend.
  • Passed player goes to receiver. (Underneath the goal and on the centre spot)
  • Player who tried to score gets back in line.

2 rows of cones. Pawns about 5 meters apart. 6 to 8 cones

  1. Walk straight ahead
  2. Dribble and turn hip
  3. Dribble and turn in hip
  4. Straight ahead and at each pawn shuffle sideways to player on the other side and around each other
  5. Straight ahead and at each pawn shuffle sideways to player on the other side and shoulder shuffle
  6. Accelerate 2 pawns, and 1 pawn backwards. Then speed up 2 pawns again.
Block of Force
  1. Walk firmly from one side to the other (75 to 80%)
  2. Running jumps
  3. Walk and change direction
  • 2 Goals on a 10 x 10 pitch
  • 2 rows of players opposite the goals
  • 1 player in the middle

  • The player of row 1 starts and tries to score in the goal opposite to him.
  • The other player tries to prevent this and when he has conquered the ball he can score in the other goal.
  • If the ball is out or if a goal is scored, the player in line 1 starts to score in the goal opposite him
  • The player who was in the middle goes out
  • The player from row 1 becomes defender
High intensity
  • The player waiting in the line must start immediately when the ball is out of play.
  • In the first part, a goalie, two central defenders play against a striker (3vs1)
  • The central defenders try to play the deepest man (striker)
  • The striker is positioned deep and is defended by two central defenders (build up the degree of defence)
  • When the striker is reached, the two outfield players are allowed to join in and these players will join in under the striker, creating a 3vs2 situation (5vs3 in total)
  • After a shot from the attacking side, the trainer will play a 2nd ball to the striker or outfield players of the other side.
  • This also creates a 3vs2 situation there (5vs3 in total)
  • This way this form continues and the goalkeeper takes turns with the 'build-up'.
  • Left and right 2 rows are made
  • Between the rows is a gate
  • The player gets into the ball and must turn left or right around the gate.
    • The turn must be 180 degrees and at high speed because the player who plays in will be tagged
  • Good shooting and not being tagged is a point
  • If you tap, the ticker gets a point.
  • Player must move towards the ball for the take, so not stand still between the gates.
  • If he doesn't make it because of the tapping, move back and again towards the gate.
  • Players trample on the front feet (ready to receive ball)
  • Player 1 plays to 2 diagonally, 2 to 3 straight, 3 to 4 diagonally
  • Play the ball cleanly with enough power but not too much. Keep moving
  • Players 2 and 4 switch places when ball leaves 2
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