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  • Square with 5 players or triangle with 4 players, at a distance of about 15 meters:
    • Player at hat with 2 players starts.
    • Plays the ball in on the right side and runs after his ball to the other hat.
    • The player receiving the ball turns open and takes the ball well so that he can pass it in to the next player.
    • Practice both counterclockwise and clockwise.
    3 or 4 players per set:
    • Two hats spaced about 15 yards apart.
    • 2 players on one side and 1 or 2 players on the other side.
    • 1 of the 2 players plays the ball to the other side and continues halfway to the other hat.
    • The player on the other side takes the ball and plays it in to the player who ran halfway.
    • This player rebounds the ball and continues to the other hat.
    • The player who receives the ball back takes the ball and plays it to the player on the side where it was started.
    • Running through like this.
    drawing Turn-in, turn-in, play-in and handball practice
    • Core: planking 1 minute
    • Side planks half minute both sides
    • Abdominals: In pairs:
      • 1 lies on back with head between legs other player and holds hands at ankles.
      • The one lying down lifts his/her straight legs up and the one standing throws the stretched legs one way.
      • The legs must not touch the ground.
      • 10 x both players.
    • Back: lie on your stomach and lift your arms and legs off the ground for 10 seconds. 10 x repeat.

    • Core: planks 1 minute straight and 2x half minutes sideways
    • Abdominal muscles: With twosome:
      • Both players lie on back and lean on elbows with feet facing each other and feet just overlapping.
      • The stretched legs should be off the ground and the feet should do 10 circles around each other counterclockwise and then 10 circles clockwise.
    • Back: Superman:
      • On hands and knees.
      • 1 Arm and opposite leg are held in the air and stretched forward/backward for 10 seconds.
      • Then switch for other arm and leg.
      • Repeat this 10 times.
    • Large rectangle, penalty box.
    • Group split into two teams, no competition.
    • Teams start at the same time in opposite corners.
    • First gentle run, about 40% of maximum, on the long side.
    • Diagonal at slightly faster pace, about 60% of maximum.
    • At the pawns in the middle keep to the left.
    • When you come back to the long side again in gentle run 40% and the diagonal again 60%.
    • Keep this up in time.
    • As an alternation you can turn half a turn and use the same diagonal on the short side.
    drawing Walking exercise fitness
  • 1st exercise:
    • Player A plays the ball in to B and runs to B's position.
    • Player B is open turned takes it and passes it to Player C and so on.
      • Focal point 1 playing in: the ball must be hit in the middle so that it stays low.
      • The correct technique for this is to lift your shooting leg slightly.
      • Focal point 2 receiving: The player who has to receive the ball should not be facing the ball but rather, as they say, turned open. You create this by positioning your body towards the player you have to pass to and your face is facing the ball. Playing the ball around clockwise, the ball is taken on with the left and I play on with the right. other way round take on with the right and play on with the left.
    • If you notice that it is too easy, first increase the tempo. If that also proves too easy then you take out the takeover and they have to pass the ball directly.
    2nd exercise:
    • Player B asks for the ball, player A plays into player B. Then B drops the ball to player A who then passes it on to player C.
    • Player C then drops it to player B and then player B plays it diagonally to player D and so on.
    Points of attention:
    • The player who plays the ball in must move on after playing in so that he asks for the ball in the middle between the pawns
    • Not further because then the cross pass effect is gone.
    • The player who bounces the ball back runs around his own pawn to ask for the ball again in the middle.
    • It is imperative that this player makes the correct turn when rebounding so that he keeps his eyes on the ball.
    • His turn should be short toward the box and not off the play.

    drawing open pass shape
    • Split team into two groups.
    • Plot field: Two rows with two pawns facing each other at a distance of about 15 meters.

    • Each team runs behind each other each time between the two pawns and around the other pawn and back again.
      • Jogging 2 laps around half a field or back and forth across the width of the field 4 times
      • 3 x 8 times lifting knees backwards, jogging backwards
      • 3 x 8 times heels buttocks outward, back jogging
      • Outward jog with single arm swing, left 3 to 4 times and then right 3 to 4 times, then left again, etc.
      • Back jog with both arms forward, 3 a 4 times, then both arms back 3 a 4 times and repeat
      • Sideways jumping jack movement back and forth, changing direction you are facing every 3 passes.
      • Cross passes back and forth, every 3 passes changing direction you are facing.
      • Walking backwards outward, sideways backward movement 3 steps left, 3 steps right back
      • Low tripling out, high tripling with knee lift back
      • Lunge passes forward outward, jog backward
      • Light tempo acceleration outward to max 60%, and light tempo acceleration back to max 60%

    • Everyone together in circle with sufficient distance.
      • Arms swing backwards left and right, feet light spread position.
        • Arm check and turn back foot in slightly on the front of your foot
      • arms turn around making big circles
        • up and down left and then right, feet slightly spread out
      • mill swings, light spread position, slightly bent knees.
        • With your left hand to your right foot, right hand in the air and check, then with your right hand to your left foot and with the left hand in the air and check.
        • 10 times left and 10 times right.

    drawing Standard warm-up 10-15 minutes without ball
  • This exercise is a brief warm up at the top for the youngest groups and in the circle for the upper level teams.
    • In passes with right and left
    • Head strike on the chest or upper leg
    • Passing back
    drawing Warming up
    • Taking a corner kick
    • play to 1st running
    • put block
    drawing Taking a corner kick and scoring 4
    • Corner take variant 3
      • High ball towards the 2nd post
      • Heading back in front of goal
      • 3 men running in
      • Tuck in
    drawing Taking a corner kick and scoring 3
    • Corner take variant 3
      • High ball towards the 2nd post
      • Heading back in front of goal
      • 3 men running in
      • Tuck in
    drawing Taking a corner kick and scoring 3

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