Soccer drills for all skills


  • Put pawns as shown
  • 7 players minimum
    • 1x turn out
    • 1 x handball
    • 2 x long pass
  • Make a good pass with receival
  • Turn your body along with the pass

  • Small field with small goals or cones.
  • Player 1 moves with the ball from the corner point to a point on the field and leaves the ball there.
  • Player 2 goes to pick up the ball and player 3 responds by defending.
  • There is a 2v1


  • Put down as on picture
  • Groups with at least 3 people

  • Four players red + goalkeeper at a goal
  • Four players blue + goalkeeper at a goal
  • Trainer stands at the side of the field (with the balls)
Situation 1

  • Trainer plays the ball to player 1 of team red
  • Player 1 of team red and player 1 of team blue fight a 1 vs. 1 duel
Situation 2

  • In this situation red has scored, that means that a blue player comes in.
  • If blue conquers the ball and scores, then a red player is added.
  • In this case you create a 2 on 1 situation
Situation 3

  • Blue managed to score in the previous situation, which means that a red player joins...
  • You thereby create a 2 vs. 2 situation
Points of attention and rules

  • Watch the numbers, 4 against 1 is no fun. Keep it challenging and keep the numbers at +1 at the most
  • When the ball goes out, it starts with the trainer. The ball then goes to the person who is entitled to it.
  • Next to it a player comes in (for a quick run through)
  • Decide, as trainer, of which color a player must be added: logically this would be the team with the ball (but let it depend on the numbers).
  • Continue to play until a 4 vs 4 situation has arisen.
Coach accents

  • Passing to the front
  • Depth in the game (think deep, run deep and play deep)
  • Speed up your attack
  • Make the field big (width and depth)
  • Play a man off more by letting the defender choose
  • Players are divided into equal groups.
  • Each group tries to dribble the ball through the poles as fast as possible.
  • The last one of each group must pick up the ball and stop it on the cone.
  • In this form you play 2 attacker vs 3 defender with goalkeeper.
  • The goal of the task is to have the goalkeeper play the ball into one of the 3 defenders.
  • The ball starts with the 2 attackers.
  • They play the ball equally deep to the goalkeeper to have a realistic start.
    • From then on it starts.
  • The goalkeeper can catch the ball, take it etc.
  • The three defenders must constantly be on the ball.
  • The goalkeeper tries to get the ball to one of the three defenders.
    • From then on you get a 3 vs 2 situation.
  • The attackers' task is to block as early as possible to make the build-up by the defenders difficult.
  • With more than 6 players, you could also have an attacker and a defender come in when the defenders are played in.
    • Then it becomes 4 vs 3.


  • Players work in groups of 4.
  • Each quartet has a captain who says when the group leaves by shouting "go".
  • Perform dribble exercises with foot and side indicated.

  • First exercises 1, 3 and 5, then 2, 4 and 6
    • 1: left quick float (hit a lot of ball)
    • 2: right quick float (hit a lot of ball)
    • 3: left fast float, in the middle stop and go (hit a lot of ball)
    • 4: right fast float, in the middle stop and go (hit a lot of ball)
    • 5: drag left, in the middle stop and go and drag right
  • Note: at the end of each drill, players perform a drag to the next gate
  • Put 3 hats as reference points in triangle.
  • Players stand in pairs at the potty.

  • Pass is given, tight, quite hard, over the ground after the player who is to receive the ball makes himself free of the player in front of him.
  • He takes the ball with his furthest foot and passes to the next player (2 times, take and pass).
  • After the pass, he makes pace towards the hat he has passed to and takes position in front of the player who is still standing there.

  • Goal: tight passing, good one touch ball handling, freeing up the defender


  • 1st ball is a 1 vs 1 by means of a deep pass
  • 2nd ball the outer players come into play and 1 defender on the other team, creating 3 vs 2
  • 3rd ball another defender comes in and it becomes 3 vs 3


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