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Soccer drills

  • See picture
  • V-formation on 2 sides 3 players
  • Player 1a, 2a, 3a and player 1b, 2b, 3b

  • 1a rebounds to 2a.
  • 1a gets ball after rebounds and passes firmly to 3b.
  • 3b lays wide to 2a.
  • 2a rounds off.
  • 1a to 2a, 2a to 3b, 3b joins A side.
  • Other side the same.
drawing Completion exercise in V-position
For 7 to 12 players
Make a hexagon with the pawns about 12-15 meters away.
At each pawn 1 player but at the 1st - and 4th if 8 players- 2 players.

  • 1 of the players at the pair starts with the ball.
  • The player at the next pawn drops out and asks for the ball.
  • The player with the ball plays it in.
  • The player asking for the ball turns in and takes the ball.
  • The player at the next pawn sinks out and asks for the ball and the player plays the ball in, etc.
  • The player who plays the ball in runs on to the next pawn, and so on.
  • Counterclockwise and clockwise
  • Instead of turning in and playing in, the player who plays in now asks for a rebound and the player rebounds the ball, then the player who asked for the rebound plays the ball in to the player at the next pawn. The player who rebounded runs on and now asks for a rebound, and so on.
For more than 8 players more people at some pawns or expand the hexagon to an octagon.
drawing Playing in, turning in, rebounding hexagon
  • See picture
  • Please note correct walking route
drawing Passing drill
  • Put pawns as on picture
  • Each pawn a player
drawing Triangle fitting exercise
  • Expands in two directions
  • Perform synchronously
  • Ensure proper fit
drawing Passing drill
  • Place pawns as shown in picture.
  • Player 1 passes to player 2.
  • Player 2 spins open and gives depth pass to back line.
  • Player 1 sprints deep to the depth pass and delivers a cross on the edge of 16.
  • Player 3 communicates/calls and catches this pass or accepts or rounds directly.
drawing Finishing with depth pass and cross
  • Put goals and pawns as shown in picture.
  • Player 1 and player 2 face each other on the line.
  • Player 1 passes long and hard to player 2.
  • At that moment the duel begins, player 1 runs directly at player 2 who enters the duel.
  • Score in 1 of the two little goals, scoring is allowed 1.5 meters from the goal -mark with pawn.
drawing 1 on 1 game with 2 goals
  • Player 1 rebounds to Player 2.
  • Player 1 passes deep high pass to Player 3.
  • Player 2 offers to edge 16.
  • Player 3 passes across the ground to Player 2.
  • Player 2 lays wide on edge 16, Player 3 rounds.
  • Player 1 to Player 2, who then plays to Player 3.
  • Player 3 joins row other side.
Set out two sides and execute alternately.
drawing Rounding with depth pass and rebound 2 sides
  • See image
drawing Dribble circuit with pass
  • See picture
  • Pay attention when assuming the right pylon
  • Take right pass left pass together with print
  • Other side parallel execution at the same time
drawing Short pass drill with printout
  • Put pawns as given.
  • Minimum of 7 players.
  • 1x turn out, 1x rebound and 2x long pass.
  • Ensure good pass with attack.
  • Turn after the pass.
drawing Long pass drill
  • Player A makes a run to the pawn
  • Player B plays the ball in and runs on to the next pawn
  • Player C makes a run into the deep
  • Player B passes the ball deep into the corner
  • Player C, now on the back line, passes the ball in front of him
  • Player A runs to the first post and player D runs to the second post and tries to finish.
The situation can be plotted at either end.
drawing Finishing via cross