Soccer drills for all skills


  • Nr 1 enters into a 1 -2 with nr 2
  • Nr 2 must get into the ball
  • Nr 1 gives a depth pass to nr 3
  • Nr 3 plays in to nr 4 who gets on the ball
  • Nr 4 makes room for the incoming player
  • Nr 3 plays to nr 5 in the width
  • Nr 6 gets the ball and nr 5 determines by playing in whether he wants to have it to the left or to the right
  • Nr 6 receives the ball and scores

Structure of the exercise form

  • At number 1 players with one ball
  • On nr 3 and nr 5 three players
  • Move on from nr 1 to nr 6
  • If no goalkeeper then nr 6 goes on target
  • Increase/decrease the distances
  • Play on the outside leg
  • Make eye contact, create space and get on the ball.
  • At position no. 2, 4 and 6 add a defender.
  • Ball on the ground and/or through the air


  • At number 2, 4 and 6 first away from the ball and then get inside the ball.
  • When nr 1 has control over the ball, then get inside the ball.
  • Make sure that they do not play close to each other, because that is easy to defend
  • No. 5 determines himself if he wants to have the ball l/re by the way he plays the ball.
  • 2 groups
  • Both groups stand on one side next to the goal.
  • 1 player plays the ball high/low (depending on level), to player 2 who stands in a square at the edge of the penalty area.
  • Player 2 must control the ball in square and shoot.
  • Retrieves his own ball and connects next to the goal.
  • Player of the other team was waiting behind square, now moves up.
  • Has to be done in high tempo, otherwise it is too static.
  • The team with the most goals wins.
  • Pawns as on picture
  • Pay attention to correct handball and running in etc.
  • Chase the ball
  • If one side has been then connect to other side

  • Pawns as on picture.
  • Player 1 passes to player 2 right.
  • Player 2 passes to player 3 who drops back a bit.
  • Player 3 rebounds on player 1,
    • Player 1 gives a deep pass to the corner,
    • player 2 and player 4 run deep
  • Variant player 2 goes deep and passes while
    • player 4 in the striker,
    • player 2 in the forward position and
    • player 1 on edge 16
  • Variant player 4 goes deep,
    • player 2 enters 5 meters,
    • player 3 enters 5 meters and
    • player 1 goes edge 16

  • A lot of dynamics and speed.
  • Player 1 is nr 10.
  • Player 2 is right back who goes deep,
  • Player 3 is striker,
  • Player 4 is the right forward
  • Player 2 and player 4 remain fixed on position
  • Player 1 and player 3 change off/on
  • The variant can also be played on the left. Then in mirror image!
Divide the group in pairs and put each pair at a cone/hat, which you have divided on the centre circle:

  • Leave the ball, which is at every cone, on the ground and let the whole group run around the circle;
  • Make sure every pair is standing at a cone with the ball;
  • Player 1 dribbles the ball to the centre spot and puts it down there;
  • On the way back (without ball), Player 1 performs exercises (e.g. knee lifts);
  • At the moment Player 1 returns, Player 2 starts the same exercises (e.g. knee lifts) and then retrieves the ball;
  • Repeat and be creative with the exercises.
Divide the group into at least 2 groups.

  • Player Blue throws the ball to Player Red;
  • Player Red has to shoot the 3 balls that are on the pilloons. This can be done by means of different exercises.
  • Two small goals and 1 big goal near the 16 meter
  • Goalkeeper on the goal and a 1-4-3 formation
  • Opposing team 3-3 formation (middle and front) with deep nr 10
  • Play a match, pay attention to the build-up from the back.
  • Pay attention to deep backs in the attack, stand wide, compact in defence.

5 x a dribble exercise as basis

  1. Touch the ball with your right foot every step of the way and slalom around pots that are close together
  2. Zigzag exercise, slalom around pots with a sharp cutting movement
  3. Around 2 pots and on return stop the ball with a sharp cutting movement.
  4. Float in a "lane" of pots with the right kicking movement and then take a few steps and hit the ball again, etc.
  5. Same as 4) but then every step touching the ball in high tempo
See video
  • Place pawns as on picture
  • Player 1 plays player 2
  • Player 2 rebounds long ball to player 3
  • Player 3 takes on dribble between cones
  • Makes a passing move and sprints to the backline
  • Player 3 passes ball on the ground to edge of 16
  • Player sprints back around the pawn and walks to the edge of 16 to take the ball or finish it off directly.
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