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    • 1 goalkeeper
    • 1 defender
    • 1 row of attackers

    • 1 attacker receives the ball from the trainer/handler on the way to the defender
    • The defender fends off and the attacker passes to the trainer
    • The attacker breaks free, receives the ball again and tries to finish
  • Useful for both goalkeepers and players.
    • 2 posts at approximately 6 meters
    • Left and right of each post 1 player
    • 5th player stands in the middle
    • Players at the posts play over with bounce, the center player tries to stop or touch the ball
    • Pass giving from LO-M / RO-MO
    • Pass giving in the run from LO to MO
    • MO runs in without ball, feints back and gives pass to LO.
    • LO feints towards the middle and throws on goal.
    This exercise can also be done with 3 players.
    • MO then runs in without ball and passes ball to L/RO.
    • This exercise always in motion for the MO, run half circle, run backwards.
    drawing Running in with feint
  • Warm up exercise in relay form

    • Divide the players into groups of 2 or 3 players and place them on the left side of the field.
    • Give each player a tennis ball.
    • At the start sign, the 1st player of each group starts running to the other, right, side with a ball.
    • Once there, they put the ball outside the line and run back as fast as they can so that player 2 of their group can start running with his/her ball.
    • When all the balls are on the right side and the last player has returned to his/her group, it is over.
    • The first one back to his/her group wins.
  • Put the players in a row next to each other.
    About 1 meter in front of them on the ground is a tennis ball.

    • Have them put their feet slightly apart.
    • Quickly run -dribble- in place.
    At the trainer's instruction they do while dribbling:
    • Hands on knees.
    • Hands on toes.
    • Hands on shoulders.
    • Hands forward.
    • Hands in the air.
    • When the trainer calls Ball!, they grab the ball as fast as they can.

    • Repeat and throw the commands interchangeably for variety.
    • Make 2 rows facing each other.
    • Between the 2 rows there is a ball.
    • Players start dribbling at high speed.
    • On signal trainer they shift to the left or right.
    • When "ball" is called, they grab the ball and sprint to the sideline.
    • The one without the ball tries to intercept.
    drawing Hat shifting
  • Walk movements practice zigzagging around pawns:
    • Walking
    • Forward
    • Backward
    • Sliding
    drawing Warming up Walking movements
    • All balls at the center line.
    • Make 2-pairs.
    • On the sides of the center line at the edge of the field there will be 2 Pylons, in the middle near the balls there will also be a pylon.
    • You calmly roll/bounce the ball to the goal side. Throw the ball in such a way that the players can still catch it!
    • After you have thrown or rolled the ball, the players on the sides of the field must first slide across the center line toward you. From the post in the middle they may only start running towards the ball.

    • If you score, your team has a point; the first to 10 points wins!
    • If 1 person is left, have the person catch the balls and always pass them to you.
    drawing Slide and throw
    • Offset from position.
    • Ball to 1 of the builders; only to corner/circle if they are completely free and can score goal.
    • Circle to the non-ball side.
    • Likely MA following up is caught early on by the MV=> outside builders should pressure from outside to inside. Opposite buildup, corner, circle start up.
    • When build-up starts MA must run to that position.
    • See if they can play variation; cross, long change, corner behind build-up and so on.
    drawing Fast attack
    • Standing tall, circle between 1 and 2 alternating.
    • Quick counterattack; LH quickly back, as action LO-MO
    • Find space from running action and rebound.
    • MO drop down to circle, put circle right.
    drawing Attack

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