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Party form where you play a regular game.
But when the trainer whistles, the ball they are playing with goes out. And the trainer then throws in a new ball at a different spot in the field.

  • A starts with the ball and returns the pass to B.
  • B has the ball wide to C.
  • D runs into the depths and gets a hard pass from C who finishes his corner.
  • A has run through and receives a hard pass from C towards the circle.
  • A takes on and turns to her backhand and rounds. Preferably high.
  • A passes the ball to B.
  • B makes eye contact with C who comes running in to the ball.
  • C takes a closed approach and only then turns away to the left or right.
  • C drives the ball into the circle and rounds on goal.

  • A starts the ball and passes the ball to B.
  • V1,V2,V3 are going to close the pass lines.
  • V1 closes the pass line between A and B.
  • V2 runs up and makes sure the ball cannot pass through the axis.
  • V3 is going to close the pass line between B and C and make sure it can't get past the line.
  • When they have taken the ball away, they score in the goal.
  • A, B, C want to score in the goal on the back line.
  • A starts with the ball and wants to try to score with his teammates.
  • The defenders, who want to keep the axis closed, put pressure when the attackers cross the 23 meter line.
  • When they have conquered the ball, they score in the goalmouth on the other side.
  • A gives a long hard ball to B.
  • B takes the ball and passes it to C.
  • B and C play and 2:1 against the defender who starts to pressure from the inside.
  • When the defender takes the ball he scores in the little goal on the side.
  • A and B are going to play over with each other. Before they get the ball, they look to see if there is a fellow player in the box who is free.
  • The attackers in the box offer themselves to the two players who are playing over.
  • If you have offered yourself and you do not get the ball, you run away again, make room for the other players and come back to offer yourself again later.
  • When the ball has come to one of the attackers, a 4:3 is played, if there is no space forward then they play the ball back to A or B and it starts all over again.
  • If the defenders take the ball then they score in one of the 2 goals outside the 23 meter area.

  • A starts with the ball and passes the ball to B.
  • B takes the ball and passes right back to A.
  • C runs wide and gets a hard ball from A.
  • B runs up towards the circle and gets the ball back from C who cannot move forward due to the defender standing there.
  • B takes the ball and accelerates towards the circle and hits the goal.

  • A starts with the ball a has a hard flats to B.
  • B passes the ball back to C.
  • C then makes a passing move past the pawns.
  • B runs through and plays with C who rebounds.
  • C has got the ball back and passes the ball back to the run through A.
  • After several balls apply the 1touch in the circle.
  • A starts with the ball and passes the ball back to B.
  • A and B start playing a 2 : 2 against the 2 defenders standing there.
  • The 2 defenders who are waiting to see what the attackers are going to do. The first defender who stays on the 23 meter line. The other defender sticks around by the circle.
  • Let the attackers come and play to that.
Necessary materials
  • 2 x Bal
  • 1 x Doelen
  • 7 x Pionnen
Total duration training:
60 min .
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