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  • During this game, skaters practice their STOP technique.
  • There are 8 teams of min. 2 players. On the starting signal, 1 group member skates straight ahead.
    • When 2 skaters meet, they stop at the corresponding colored container.
    • This prevents collisions and teaches them to stop in time.
  • Whoever wins, skates on until he/she meets a new skater.
  • Whoever loses skates along the sideline back to his/her starting cone.
  • The group can earn a point when one of the players of the team passes the last cone.

  • After 3 minutes, the players per team at the blue cones shift 1x to the right. In this way each team plays regularly against other groups.
  • Who plays equal gets 1 point in total. Whoever wins gets 2 points. The teams add up their total points by the end of the game.
  • 2 groups of which min. 3 players.
  • The goal is to give as many passes as possible to their own team without the ball colliding/being blocked and taken away by the other team.
  • The team that gives 5 OR 10 passes first is won.

  • Any ball that collides -> ball to the other team.
  • No 2x in a row passes to the same person are allowed
  • The members are divided into 2 circles.
  • At the signal of the trainer, 1 of the members in the circle starts skating. He/she skates a full lap and taps the next one (who was to his/her left in the circle).
  • The member who just skated now goes to get a jar from the opponent. The member who was tapped does just the same. He skates a round and taps the next one again.
  • The goal is to take all pots from the other group as quickly as possible and place them with your team.

Attention! Members will not have a "circle" left after a while due to skaters being gone. Indicate that in that case they should make the circle smaller!
  • Possibility 1:
    • Short & quick steps in V position that become larger and larger
  • Possibility 2:
    • Short & quick steps in sideways position that change to V position when steps are large.
  1. penguin -stop
  2. fish --stop
  3. T-stop
  4. turn-stop
  5. field hockey -stop
Have everyone leave behind the starting line, in pairs of 2 in a row. This allows for a focused look at everyone's stop.

  • Tip: Place a trainer on the center line and a trainer on the end line.
  • Tip: Apply max. 3 stops per workout!
  • + Pay attention to bending knees!
  • Based on the cat and mouse game.
  • Everyone stands in pairs of 2 behind each other, placed in a circle.
  • There is further a ticker and a runner.
  • The runner must get behind a group of 2 as quickly as possible to be safe.
  • In this case, the first person of this new group of 3 becomes the ticker and runs after the other player. The roles are switched.

  • 2 pairs of tickers and runners
  • It is also allowed to sit in front of a group of 2. In this case, it is not the front person, but the back person who becomes a ticker. This keeps everyone thinking actively.
  • Not standing behind each other, but lying on top of each other.
Hunter ball is played in 2 teams.
1 team wears a fluorescent jacketEach
player may hold the ball for up to 5 seconds.
Whoever is dead:

  1. opens the legs
  2. hands on your side
  3. arm against the wall
  4. stays on the side (every team has a 'dead side')
  • Place cones in a line ±2m apart.
  • Slide over the ground (=skating without the skates coming off the ground) over a cone, transfer your weight from one leg to the other and, simultaneously with the transfer, catch up the other (push-off) leg over the ground until the feet are closed.
  • Alternate left and right.
  • Make a little speed, ride in a spread position with the skates straight ahead, the weight on one (bent) leg, the other stretched sideways.
  • Transfer your weight from one leg to the other, without coming up.
  • Check that your weight is resting on your supporting leg by lifting the extended leg sideways.
  • Because the skates are parallel and straight ahead, the speed should not increase.
Members lie in prone position in a circle while the tickers (red - fluorescent jacket) stand up in the circle.
The moment the trainer (blue) - as many balls as tickers - rolls balls to the tickers all members may stand up and spread around the room.
Now hunter ball starts!
Whoever is tapped can:

  1. put his arms to his side - socket
  2. spread his legs
  3. arm against the wall
  4. etc.
After a few minutes, the tappers pass on their fluorescent shirts.
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