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  • Setup:
    • Half players baseline
    • Half players half court
    • 1 player starts at the bucket
  • Starting player throws the ball against the board and takes rebound
  • Chin the ball
  • Turn and dribble towards center line
  • Outlet pass to player centerline
  • Midline player goes for a layup
  • Dribbling return to baseline
  • Variations:
    • With defender other side of field
  • Setup:
    • 2 players in offense
    • 2 players on defense
    • 2 players at the free throw line
    • 2 players at the other free throw line
    • Teams of 2 stay together
  • Play 2 on 2 until there is a score or stop
  • Defense gives outlet pass to player at free throw line level
  • On score, insert ball behind baseline
  • These go 2-on-2 to other side of the court
  • Offense becomes defense and returns!
  • Team that defended connects at the level of the free throw line
  • Variations:
    • 3 against 3
  • Setup:
    • 3 teams of 3 players
    • 3 players in the middle with ball
  • Attacking to one side
  • Defense to the center line, even after ball loss
  • No ball back
  • To score 7 times first
  • Setup:
    • 4 players on the baseline
    • 4 players at the free throw line
  • Coach passes to 1 of the players
  • Player opposite the one receiving the pass runs to the baseline before joining the defense
  • Other players immediately go on offense and defense
  • Stopping the dribble is important
  • Defending the basket is important
  • Setup:
    • Everyone 1 ball
  • Do each exercise for 30 seconds:
  • Exercises:
    • Slam the ball: Hit the ball hard to warm up the fingers
    • Squeeze the Banana: We move the ball between the tips of the fingers and go up and down
    • Around the World: Ball around head, waist and legs
    • Pretzel: Legs spread apart, we hold the ball between the legs, one hand in front and one in back we release the ball and change hands quickly, in the beginning you let the ball hit the ground afterwards don't hit it anymore
    • Figure eight: We make a figure eight movement around and through the legs
    • Flip: The legs are spread out, we hold the ball between both hands behind the legs and flip the ball through the legs and catch it in front and now back again
    • Around the legs: Dribble around 1 leg (10 X) and then around other leg, changing direction
    • Ricochet: Legs spread apart, push the ball forward through the legs and pick it up behind the back with the other hand and bring it forward again
    • Space catch: We throw the ball upwards and catch it behind the back, keep straight otherwise it will not work first a little low and then higher and higher
    • Speed drill: Legs are spread apart, we hold the ball with the left hand in front and the right hand behind, we drop the ball and change hands now we bring the ball in the left hand in front of the two legs to the exit position and so restart we gradually drive up the pace and get a rhythm
  • Setup:
    • 5-on-5

  • Defensive positions.
  • 1 pass away.
  • 2 passes away.
  • Hands up.
  • Pistols.
  • Denial.
  • Setup:
    • Per 2 players 1 ball
    • 1 player baseline
    • 1 player at free throw line with ball

  • Player baseline runs to other player and receives pass.
  • Land, crossover step, 3 dribbles, jump stop, pivot.
  • Pass to next player.
  • Across the length of the court.
  • Variations:
    • Catch, spin, reverse pivot - heel lift when pivoting-.
    • Front stop, half pivot, pivot forward.
    • Jump and turn in the air, turn and face.
  • Setup:
    • 2 groups
    • At 45 degrees
    • Everyone a ball
  • Start dribble toward corner of bucket, do reverse, then lay-up
  • Speed change
  • If you are on the left, dribble in with the right, then finish on the left.
  • If standing on right, dribble in with left, then finish right.
  • Variations:
    • Cross-over
    • Through the legs
  • Setup:
    • Each player 1 ball
    • 1 side of the court
  • Windshield -next to body dribble, front to back.
  • V-dribble - in front of body.
  • L-dribble - in front and to the side of the body.
  • In & out - in front of body.
  • Hard pound - next to body.
  • Ball tap - low to the ground in front of the body.
  • Pocket - beside the body.
  • Setup:
    • 3 groups
    • Bottom left, bottom right and top
    • 1 ball per group
  • Shooting, own rebound
  • Passing clockwise
  • Variations:
    • Advancing to wings and three-point shot
Necessary materials
  • 3 x ball
  • 2 x cones
Total duration training:
60 min .