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  • 2 players start in corner baseline.
  • Sprint to elbow of paint, there they turn a circle.
  • From there to the centerline - sideline and make a turn there as well.
  • Then to the elbow of the paint on the other side, turn and run to the corner.
  • Start with hopping.
  • Cross walk.
  • Cross walk with stop and deflect and back-flip.
  • Foot to knee.
  • Knee to chest.
  • Frog-jump.
  • Arms forward and extend leg to front, flush to hands.
  • Same leg swing but then swing through to back.
  • Lunge: right foot behind then tap the right heel with left hand.
  • After 2 SLIDES lunge position and then rotate torso to left and right.
  • Right foot to the back and grab with left hand, then left hand far up.
  • Right foot back and grasp with left hand, then extend left hand forward.
  • Back with knees raised, after 3 backs, sag.
  • Make long with both arms and then drop through knee on 1 leg, then SLIDES step.
Team often stands waiting with the whole team to take ball.

  • 1 player starts with the ball on the back line. Other players without ball.
  • On starting signal, player 1 starts dribbling the ball to the center line
  • The other players sprint to the center line.
  • Whoever is slower than player 1 sprints 1x up and down the field.
Variant: this exercise can also be done with a rebound. Trainer rebounds ball and plays ball to player 1. Rest starts from the back line.
Goal: This drill is made to get players to attack the basket more in a straight line in a 1 v 1 situation.
Per pair 1 ball.

  • Outer man dribbles the ball and goes 1 time around the pawn.
  • Inner man slaloms between the poles to create a 1v1 situation.
  • Then catch the ball and chest pass to each other towards the other side of the field.
  • There the outer man, the same as in the first play, taps the pawn and checks the ball.
  • Try to get past the defense by means of provocation: jab step, pump fake, low swing etc.
  • Players stand on the sideline, far enough away from each other.
  • At the starting signal, they start running across the width of the field 17 times.
  • Every sideline touched is +1, so they do this 17 times within a time limit.
  • Set up pawns to fence off the field in which to play.
  • Make two teams.
  • 1 v 1 situation.
  • If player loses the ball, the ball is intercepted, then no score 1 goal attempt.
  • If scored then attacker goes back on defense.
  • The first player in line then starts playing 1v1 and after scoring goes back on defense.
  • After defending, he or she returns to the back of the line.
At 10 points, one of the two teams has won and the other must run/push ups.
A drill for practicing the fastbreak 3 v 2 and conversion.

  • Make teams of 3 players.
  • Under each basket two defenders and 1 outlet.
  • Three men in the middle, middle man the ball.

  • 3 against 2. Team in the middle decides which way to go.
  • Apply 3 on 2 principles; pass when defended!
  • When scoring or rebounding pass the ball to outlet as soon as possible.
  • LEFT and RIGHT organization.
Team with first 7 scores wins; losers run suicides.
8 players in a circle, 2 teams of 4.

  • Coach passes the ball to a player.
  • 2 close defenders double-team him,
  • Remaining 2 split between the 3 attackers.
Reaction and rotatation are very important.
Number 1 to 3 dribble into the paint and fake a shot with an out-pass.

Ball comes back to 1 and he runs layup, number 3 becomes 1 and 4 becomes 2.
2 players on the penalty throw line stand facing basket 2 on baseline.
  • On signal they sprint to baseline backwards.
  • Penalty line sprints forward but taps baseline first.
Necessary materials
  • 3 x ball
  • 2 x cones
Total duration training:
60 min .
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