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An exercise to practise the fastbreak (3 against 2) and the changeover

  • Create teams of 3 players
  • Under each basket, two defenders and one outlet
  • Three men in the middle, middle man the ball
  • 3 on 2 (team in the middle decides which way to go)
  • Apply 3 on 2 principles (pass when defended!)
  • When scoring or rebounding --> pass the ball to the outlet as fast as possible
  • Organize left and right

  • Team with first 7 scores wins
  • Losers walk suicide
  • 2 opposite each other,
  • Passes to each other choice of:
    • Bots
    • Chest
    • Overhead.
  • 3 teams - 1 ball.
  • Possibly 2 groups on 1 basket (stay on your own side).
  • Attacking with posturing/running free.
  • Defender with split vision/fronte ect.
  • Passer waits for the right moment.
  • Rows of 5-6 men, 2 per basket, 1 ball per row
  • Throw ball against the board,
  • Next player catches and throws the ball back to the board
  • Make them run (with pawn further away, they have to go around)
  • Divide groups over baskets,
  • 2 pylons on top of the bucket
  • Try to get equal numbers so we can have a game
  • Start low,
  • Run to the pylon,
  • Slides over free throw line,
  • Back to base,
  • And back again (tapping the line)
  • 2 teams 1 ball
  • First player shoots and takes own rebound,
    • Passes to second player who shoots from the same spot.
  • Always choose a new spot, keep moving.

  • Explanation of total fastbreak (including trailers)
  • 5 men around bucket
  • Take free throw --> call who has to score (by number)
  • Other side fastbreak
  • Zig zag pylon, max to centerline
  • Start on the baseline
  • Walk the course with different commands (reverse, cross-over, behind the back, between the legs.
  • Last 2 pylons on the centerline, reverse at the last pylon and finish with lay-up.
  • Pylon or defender at bucket head (or free throw line)
  • Offender passes with 3 options: crossover, between the legs or behind the back
  • 2 x2 (possibly 3 x 3)
  • Sitting (with all other rules)
  • On 1 leg (limping)
Necessary materials
  • 3 x ball
  • 2 x cones
Total duration training:
60 min .
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