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    • Stand with the whole group in a circle in the middle of the field.
    • Each player 1 ball.
    • Dribble normal -hip height
    • Dribble low -below knee
    • Dribble extremely low -bounce no higher than ankle height
    • Dribble low -below knee
    • Dribble normal -hip height
    • Dribble extremely high -above shoulder
    • Dribble normal -hip height
    • Have the players sit while dribbling
    • Now have the players stand up dribbling
    • Have the players dribble sitting down again
    • Players now dribble between their legs
    • Have them stand again and make 8s between their legs, then ball around the waist as fast as possible, then the other way.
    1. Each part can be done with both hands
    2. The coach acts as an example.
    drawing Basic dribbling
    • Divide the group in half.
    • Same exercise on both sides of the field:
    1. Lay-up L&R
    2. Jump stop - crossover
    3. Zigzag and speed change
    drawing Warming up
    • Starting lineup:
      • 2 groups at the level of the free throw line
      • 2 players top of the bucket
    • Conduct:
      • Coach throws ball -or collide or roll-.
      • 2 players fight for the ball and play 1-on-1
      • Defense must be between ball and goal
    • Progression:
      • Score with up to 5 dribbles
    • Regression:
      • AFTER
    drawing 1 vs. 1 top
    • Base lineup:
      • 3 players in defense
      • 3 players on offense
      • Players not participating wait at the center line in 3 groups
      • Coach has the ball
    • Sequence:
      • Coach passes to 1 player
      • Player opposite runs to the center line first and then returns to defense
      • Play 3 against 3
      • At ball loss, score, rebound, ball goes to coach
      • Offense becomes defense
      • Quickly line up again and next group plays
    • Progression:
      • AFTER
    • Regression:
      • Run defender less far
    drawing 3 vs.
    • Starting lineup:
      • 2 players defense on each side of the court
      • 2 players at the height of the extension of the free throw line on each side of the court
      • 3 players on offense
    • Conduct:
      • 3 players play 3-on-2
      • The rebounder gives an outlet pass to a player on the side of the court
      • The rebounder joins in offense to the other side of the court
    • Progression:
      • AFTER
    • Regression:
      • NA
    drawing 11 man drill
    • Base lineup:
      • 1 player left on the end line
      • 1 player center on the end line
      • 1 player right on the end line
      • Ball in the middle
    • Conduct:
      • Middle player throws the ball against the board and takes rebound (as high as possible)
      • Middle player makes an outlet pass to the player standing to his/her right
      • The player standing to the left starts to run
      • Player receiving the first pass (right) takes 2 dribbles and then passes to the player running left
      • The player running left does a layup
      • The player running in the middle takes the rebound
      • The outside players cross and run back to the other side of the court
      • Here we do the same thing, first a pass to the right, then a pass to the left and finish with lay-up
    • Progression:
      • 1 dribble instead of 2
    • Regression:
      • Allow multiple dribbles
    drawing Fast break and transition drill
    • Starting lineup:
      • 1 group baseline left
      • 1 group baseline right
      • Everyone has a ball
      • Place cones
    • Progression:
      • Dribble toward the center line
      • At each cone do a move; crossover, behind the back, ...
      • Then lay-up to goal
      • Switch sides
    • Progression:
      • Coach stands in defense under goal
    • Regression:
      • Place fewer cones
    drawing Lay-up with cones
    • Starting lineup:
      • 2 teams of 5 players
      • 3 attackers
      • 3 defenders
      • 2 players baseline one side of the field
      • 2 players baseline other side of the field
    • Conduct:
      • Playing 3 against 3
      • The defensive player who takes rebound or steal goes to the other side of the court with the 2 players who were baseline
      • The 3 attackers become defenders on the other side of the court
    • Progression:
      • Each player must have had the ball before there is a goal attempt
    • Regression:
      • AFTER
    drawing 3 vs. 3 full court
    • Starting lineup:
      • 1 player at the level of the free throw line -both sides of the court-.
      • 1 group of players to the right of the center line
      • 1 group of players to the left of the center line
    • Progression:
      • Player at the center line passes to the player at the free throw line and runs through
      • Player at the free throw line passes back to the running player
      • Player does a lay-up
      • Player who made the lay-up goes to the free throw line to pass
      • Player who gave the pass takes rebound and passes to the other group at the center line
    • Progression:
      • No dribbling is allowed
    • Regression:
      • Group at the center line may be closer
    drawing Give and go without dribble

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