Basketball drills for


Everyone has a ball.
  • Slalom around pylons, possibly with touching.
  • Dribble with bench. Both sides a foot.
  • Back line slides with ball overhead.
  • Dribble to center line and push up.
  • Layup.
Repeat 3 times.
Small room with 4 baskets:
  • Run laps with lay-ups over all baskets.
  • After whistle press up, tap, plank, jump with ball held in hands.
  • After the whistle turn around and left.
  • After the whistle accelerate.


Everyone a ball and distribute along the length of the field.

Dribbleback and forth; jump stop, pivot across or keep dribbling.
  • Warmup: start slow, 50, 70, 100%.
  • Dribble left back, right back.
  • 2x left, 2x right.
  • Roll ball across ground, make 8s.
  • Hold ball and jump with 2 legs.
  • The Crab.
  • Between the legs, high and low.
  • Tap lines along the way.

  • Along the way 5x push-ups, 10 abs, 30 second taps.
  • Low dribble; fast left/right.
  • High dribble with hop, backwards.
    • Behind the back, turn on axis.

  • Push/pull front to back.
  • Side to side; left to right.
  • Side to side with cross over.

Stationary: through the legs. Step out, dribble, step back. 8-step low dribble, behind your back,
  • 3x left, 3x crossover, 3 x right.
  • With 1 hand push from left to right.
  • Through steps . Dribble backwards through legs and forward again, staying in one line.
  • Dribble from high to low, sit and stand up again.
Behind your standing legs dribble.

  • 2 pawns; crossover touch pylon with your hand - screen ball.
  • 2 pawns, eight around pylons - 1 hand.
  • Row of pylons - slalom.

On the bench move forward by jumping on the bench and then off with bench between legs and ball above head.
  • 3 rows with each 3 players or more.
  • Ball in the middle.
  • Pass to right start and pass back to center and pass to left and back.
  • Finish with layup or jump stop.
  • Return next to the court and shuffle through to the right.
  • 2 players at bottom of goal.
  • 2 players left extended free throw line.
  • 2 players right extended free throw line.
  • 2 players at the center circle.
  • Team 1 players top and bottom.
  • Team 2 players left and right.
  • Team 1 starts dribbling toward each other does a change of direction and accelerates.
    Variations: crossover, between the leggs, behind the back, double action, back up dribble.
  • When team 1 has done the change of direction team 2 may leave.


  • B passes the ball to C
    • B runs to cone receives ball
    • B scores lay up
    • B joins row C
  • C passes the ball back to line B
    • C goes to take the rebound from B
    • C goes to line A
  • A passes the ball to B
    • A connects in row B
Break to opposite side.

  • 5 rebound and outlet to 1.
  • 1 passes to 5 and 5 to sideline.
  • Lowpost 4 passes to ballside.
  • 1 and 5 put stagger on weakside 3.



Break to opposite side.

  • 5 rebound and outlet to 1.
  • 1 passes to 5 and 5 to sideline.
  • Lowpost 4 passes to ballside.
  • 1 and 5 put stagger on weakside 3.
  • 2 crosses via stagger on lowpost ballside and weakside.
  • 5 puts stone in front of 1.