Basketball drills for all skills


1. The player at the baseline shot, taps the baseline and runs his line to the other goal.
2. The player at the free throw line takes the rebound, passes to the wing and runs along the sideline to the other goal.
3. The player on the wing requests the ball, dribbles the ball down the middle to the sideline, passes the ball to the player on the left, who passes the ball to the rebounder who finishes with a layup.

Pass-through system shotter becomes rebounder, rebounder becomes wing, wing becomes shotter.

On 4 spots behind 3-line are shooters.
On baseline a 2 passers with 4 balls.

  • Each ball goes to first shooter on sideline, who passes to next etc. etc.
  • Until 4th ball is at other sideline, shooter shoots.
  • 3rd ball at 3rd shooter shoots.
  • 2nd ball at 2nd shooter and 1st at 1st shooter and shoots.
  • Then rotate position.
3 minutes get as many points as possible or with more than 12 players teams shoot against each other.


  • Three rows on baseline, balls to one side.
  • Pass from side to middle and goes to 1/4 of sideline.
  • Pass from middle to other sideline and sprint to sideline centerline.
  • Pass from baseline to sideline and sprint to middle of center line.

Everyone a ball and distribute along the length of the field

- Dribble back and forth; jump stop, pivot across or keep dribbling.
- Warm up: start slow, 50, 70, 100%.

:- Dribble left back, right back.
- 2x left, 2x right.
- Roll ball across ground, make 8s.
- Hold ball and jump with 2 legs.
- The Crab.
- Between the legs, high and low.

- Tap lines along the way.
- Along the way 5x push-ups, 10 abs, 30 seconds tap-
Low dribble; fast left/right.
- High dribble with hop, backwards. Behind the back, turn around axis.

Standing still

- Stationary: through the legs, step out, dribble, step back, 8-tap low dribble, behind your back.
  • 3x left, 3x crossover, 3 x right.
  • Push from left to right with 1 hand.
  • Through steps, dribble backward through legs and forward again, staying on 1 line.
  • Dribble from high to low, sit and stand up again.
  • Behind your standing legs dribble.
  • 2 pawns crossover touch pylon with your hand - shield ball
  • 2 pawns, eight around pylons - 1 hand
  • row of pylons - slalom

Players stand 2 by 2 at pawns.
Outer has the ball and the inner must accelerate and catch up to stop the finish.
After a scoring attempt, switch and attack slides run with defender dribbling the ball up.
Have them challenge each other and keep the dribble deep.
They do this on both baskets so they run laps.

  • Players will play 3vs3
  • Are set screens to be released.
  • This will be resolved by:
  1. Communication.
  2. Hedge placing.
  3. Creating window for your teammate.
  4. Fighting over the screen.


Different options:
  1. Player under the basket, pass from the corner and player runs in. Quick scoring from close range.
    Make it more difficult by throwing first ball against the board/wall, then score.
  2. Player with ball on the centerline, 2nd player on the backline.
    Player with ball starts dribble and 2nd player chases and must first throw ball against the board/or wall for score.
  • Ball goes to right player and shoots.
  • If score 2 or 3 points.
  • Everyone goes for the rebound.
  • Rebound counts as 1 point, even if scored on offensive rebound.
  • Offense continues.
  • Defensive rebound.
  • Parties switch.


  • 3 rows.
  • 3 minutes time.
  • Players start with 15 half sprints.
  • For every 10 shots, one goes off.
After 3 minutes, the remaining half sprints are run.


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