basketball drill:
"Screen roll screen lay-up drill (2 players)"

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Screen roll screen lay-up drill (2 players)

  • Start-out with at least 2 players in each row and one ball. 
  • Extra bal to crank up the speed.
    • A) Player dribbles with ball to FT-line.
    • B) B crosses behind A and ssets screen low, rolls off and gets ball, lay-up strong.
  • Own rebound, 
    • A has moved to weakside shooting position, gets pass from B and backscreen, 
    • A dribble by screen,one dribble.
  • Jumpstop, finish with righthand.
  • B can move to pos. A 
  • and A to B. 
  • Continue.
basketball Screen roll screen lay-up drill (2 players)