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About us

Our goal

Our goal is to make trainers better. So that the trainers can make the players better. We achieve this by making it possible for a trainer to create training sessions as quickly and easily as possible. At Yoursportplanner trainers can easily search for exercises or create their own and add them to their training. Everything is stored in the trainer's account, making it easy to find and re-use. Even years later. So anyone can use them in a training session.

By now, more than 0 trainers have created more than 100trainings and more than 8100 exercises.

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With each account, you get one free team. You can add players to this team. You can add matches. You can of course assign training sessions to the team. There is a shared agenda. Via the team dashboard, everyone can find everything easily. Through the team chat you can share messages, training sessions, matches and more. You can also keep track of the attendance of the players at training.

Create a training session

Creating a training session is very quick. You search for an exercise or create your own. Then add it to your workout. Within your workout, you can change the order of the exercises, indicate how long each exercise will be performed within the workout, add comments to the exercises for during the workout, The workout can then be printed or finished in our app. Of course, everything will be saved in your account forever, so you can look back years later to see which training you gave to which team.

Add your own drills

When a trainer adds a drill, we check whether the exercise also seems suitable for other trainers. If we find it suitable, the drill becomes 'public', if we find it less suitable, the exercise becomes 'private'. An exercise that is less suitable for making public but still useful for training is, for example: "Warm-up: walk 10 laps around the field". When a trainer adds a drill, it always remains visible to the trainer. When we make an drill public, we adjust the layout so that all public drills look the same.

You can also use our drawing tool to clarify the drill.


We have two kind of memberships: Yoursportplanner One and Yoursportplanner Club. Both subscriptions include one free team, after which you can order as many additional teams as you like. The main difference between the two subscriptions is that Yoursportplanner One is a personal account and Yoursportplanner Club is a subscription for a club. This means each club can only have one subscription. A Yoursportplanner One subscription is also paid in advance and for the Yoursportplanner Club subscription we send the invoice to the treasurer, for example, and it can be paid afterwards. But you can always have a look around and use all the functionalities for free for a month first.